Monthly Makers Box

Monthly Miriam is now Monthly Makers!

As you know, the Miriam mission is to create jobs and opportunity for women and we have been doing that in Nashville, thanks to YOUR help, for the last 2.5 years. This summer, we had the opportunity to merge with ABLE, a company we love and respect.

In case you aren’t familiar with ABLE, they serve women in Africa by providing them with a job creating beautiful products, particularly leather and hand-woven scarves + home goods.  With this shared heart and mission, we can help so many more women, as the new  “ABLE Local + Global”.

With that, we want to introduce to you the new “Monthly Makers” box

This new name will signify the beginning of receiving monthly not only jewelry, but leather and woven goods as well.

Thank you for the continued support of the women we work with.

Gracie Moakler


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