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While living in Ethiopia, Rachel and Barrett Ward saw firsthand how extreme poverty forced so many young girls and women to make awful choices for money. Lacking meaningful resources and a sense of hope, many women resort to prostitution as a means of supporting themselves and their families. Rachel and Barrett wanted to figure out a way to give women another choice – one that would provide an opportunity to earn a living, rather than establish a dependency on charity. For this purpose, FASHIONABLE was conceived.


The FASHIONABLE line has grown from a collection of hand-woven scarves to include and leather goods made in Ethiopia, and beautiful hand-made jewelry made in Nashville, TN, made by women who have overcome a extraordinary circumstances, ranging from prostitution to homelessness to addiction to a lack of opportunity.

FASHIONABLE remains Inspired by the women we work with, and we believe our role is to invest in women. We are encouraged in our labors by seeing the reality of what happens to a woman, and the community around her, when she is empowered. Women have been proven to be the backbone of restoring communities and even battling poverty - this is a social scientific fact. So with your help, we work to give opportunity to women where there is often little, and then they effect change.

We are based in Nashville, TN, so come visit us. Come meet the team, see our retails space, and maybe bring some girlfriends to design your own rings at our Ring Bar.

FASHIONABLE remains inspired by the women we work with, and we believe our role is to invest in women

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