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ABLE is a quickly growing sustainable fashion brand with many learning opportunities available to students. Join our team by interning in one of our departments - you'll be given hands-on projects and endless opportunities to learn and grow!

INTERNSHIPS run in three seasons: Spring, Summer, & Fall. Each intern applies to and specializes in a specific department, though there is some crossover between departments and responsibilities. Through this experience, you’ll learn the ins and outs of ethical fashion and receive valuable experience in how ABLE runs!

What we are looking for

  • Enthusiastic, driven, and resourceful problem solvers who are dedicated to ABLE’s mission
  • Creative energy and innovative ideas to design new initiatives within your specific department
  • Students who will be able to come in person to ABLE’s office over the course of the summer (with the exception of graphic design interns)

What you will gain

  • 1:1 mentorship from ABLE team members and a chance to build relationships with industry professionals
  • Access to the employee discount at our flagship and online store
  • Professional development and hands-on experience in your area of interest


All sound good to you? Apply to be an intern today!

We are currently accepting applications for our Spring 2021 intern program. Submit your application before October 15, 2021 to be considered. The dates for the spring internship are flexible, but interns must be available to come into the Nashville office Monday through Friday for 15-30 hours per week. You will work with your supervisor to build an individualized schedule for the semester!

Summer 2022 Internship Applications will open in January.


Design Intern

The ABLE Design team is looking for a detail-oriented and creative intern to support the team in developing styles of apparel, denim, footwear, and leather. The Design Intern will help with tracking and organizing packages from factories, sample tagging and tracking, updating assortment lists, measurement/spec confirmation, and more. This position will allow you to learn about the design process in a hands-on environment at a fast-growing fashion brand.

Marketing Intern

Gain hands-on experience in all aspects of marketing. From campaign strategy to execution, you'll learn the ins and outs of the digital world, while focusing on data analysis and optimization of results. You'll work side-by-side with our full e-commerce team, while also collaborating with our partners in ABLE's flagship store and other wholesale partners. This position is well-suited for someone who is detailed-oriented, collaborative and thrives in a fast-paced environment. This position is in-person at our Nashville, TN headquarters.

Graphic Design Intern

We highly value the way we look and feel in the print + video world. Work with our team to collaborate on design projects from brainstorming stages to implementation. Interns will design smaller projects on their own, and work with our in-house graphic designer on larger projects (both web & print). Graphic design applicants should be able to use photoshop and indesign, and preferably on mac. This position can be either remote or in-person at our Nashville, TN headquarters.

Planning/Operations Intern

ABLE operations are vast and varied, from managing our sales forecast in the states to communicating daily with our overseas production partners. If you have an interest in the business side of fashion, this is the position for you. This department is seeking an intern who is interested in the following: assisting our buyers to generate performance reports, attending important buying meetings, assisting in entering and revising purchase orders and reorders, helping track orders to ensure timely delivery of merchandise, analyzing sales and consumer data, and offering insight into our production process. Having experience in Excel, data analysis and Retail Math will help you succeed in this internship, but are not required skills! Overall, we are looking for someone who is detail-oriented, resourceful, proactive, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. This position is in-person at our Nashville, TN headquarters.

Flagship Intern

We are looking for someone with retail and visual merchandising experience to be the intern to our Retail and Events manager! You will be executing your own projects, merchandising displays in-store, contacting display vendors and helping to design and create concepts for display materials both for our flagship store and brand-wide for our wholesale partners. We are looking for a multi-tasker, who proactively seeks out opportunities to support the team with a can-do and follow-through attitude. This position is for someone who works well in a fast-paced environment, has strong leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills. This position is in-person at our Nashville, TN headquarters.

Here's what some of our past interns have to say:

Lily Jurist, 2019 ABLE Marketing Intern

“My favorite part about interning at ABLE was the culture and the fact that everyone is so committed to the mission at the core of the company. That's what makes it such a friendly environment where people care about everyone they work with. What has stuck with me most has been the skills that I developed and could apply to other companies. I learned so much and was able to gain a lot of hands-on experience. I also have loved keeping up with everything ABLE does as they grow!”

Jessica Kaplan, 2021 ABLE Marketing Intern

“Interning at ABLE has been one of the most incredible and life changing opportunities that I have experienced. Having the chance to work so closely with the smart, and creative marketing team has taught me so much about creative storytelling and branding. The culture of the company is driven by its mission to empower women, which is something I felt so strongly walking into the office every single day.”

Kira Pauley, 2018 ABLE Flagship Intern

“Since ABLE, I have continued to pursue a career in merchandising and I still think back to the ‘bigger picture’ mentality I learned while interning at ABLE. From projects and conversations with my supervisor, I learned how to maintain a global perspective of what was happening in a company and how to integrate that into my role. During my time, I could see how working together with the different departments was crucial to help the mission of ABLE come to life!”

Anna Armstrong, 2019 ABLE Flagship and Merchandising Intern

“One of my favorite times while interning at ABLE was being a part of the customer enhancement project for their flagship along with creating the RAW bar installation. I loved the trust they gave me to take on more responsibility and take charge in projects like this.”

McKenzie Cottle, 2019 ABLE Wholesale Intern

“I loved working under Mallory and other smart women, and the culture with the other interns at the time. We became great friends! I also really enjoyed working at market and planning the Retailer Day event for the retailers at ABLE’s flagship store. I appreciated being given projects that could have an effect on the company after I left, and seeing my growth from the beginning of my time there till the end, and now on into my career.”