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Nine types, infinite gift options.

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Enneagram One

The person who’s all about doing what’s right and helping people do the same. Ones love to stay organized, keep it honest, and get stuff done, and these pieces are the best for helping them do just that.

Enneagram Two

Think that friend that feels like a warm hug. Twos always have your back, are a safe space, and are beyond selfless. Shop pieces that show them they are seen and need to be taken care of too.

Enneagram Three

Our constant encouragers, motivators, and hype masters. You can always count on a three to follow through and to cheer you on to be the best version of yourself. These pieces show the three in your life that you’re in their corner too.

Enneagram Four

Fours are dreamers, artists, and the ones who keep life interesting. We would be lost without their creative spirits and individuality. Shop pieces that celebrate being different and standing out.

Enneagram Five

Curiosity is key with the fives on your list. They are wise, intellectual, and passionate, and they totally deserve a gift that shows you love to put lots of thought into things too.

Enneagram Six

Sixes have your back– always. They are loyal, brave, and can always be counted on. They are the type that deserves to be celebrated every day, but especially with a gift that tells them you are there for them too.

Enneagram Seven

Who doesn’t love the life of the party? Sevens are adventurous, cheerful, and are the best listeners. Join the party by showing them what they mean to you with a gift full of personality.

Enneagram Eight

Eights are fierce, genuine, and unafraid to tell it like it is. If you have an eight in your life, you’re lucky, for sure. Shop pieces that show them how much the world (and you!) needs people who don’t shy away from what’s tough.

Enneagram Nine

Every group could use a nine. They keep the peace, see the good in others, and make sure everyone feels understood. Shop pieces that show how much you know and love their grounding presence!