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Style Your Scarf Episode 5: Atlanta Apparel Market.

Collaborations style your scarf

Our team traveled down to Atlanta to the Apparel Market last weekend to tell the retail world about fashionABLE. In this video, Amber gives a sneak peek into life at market, shows you how she wears our new spring scarf, and chats with Diana Warner - our most favorite jewelry designer ever...

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Just in time for Valentine's Day...  If you order scarves TODAY (Monday, February 7) you can get free shipping on all of our loveABLE scarves. We also have launched a brand new style of scarf - the extra long, sheer Meselu scarf - available in 10 vibrant colors!  And the beloved Etanesh scarf now also comes in a new variety of colors. Flowers die, chocolate makes you fat, but a fashionABLE scarf? You really can't go wrong. And, as always, every scarf is creating sustainable business for women in Africa. What says LOVE more than that?

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This Little Staff Team Went to Market...


We just got back from a great weekend in Atlanta at the Gift Market.  Over 20 more retailers around the country will now be carrying fashionABLE scarves in their stores! We met some amazing people and loved getting to tell the story of fashionABLE. Also - a huge thank you to our friend Diana Warner who graciously allowed us to share her showroom. If you're not familiar with her jewelry line, do yourself a favor and check it out (we personally think it all goes well with a fashionABLE scarf). And you may notice some new styles and colors -...

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Price increases? Heck yeah.

Hey y'all. We wanted to let you know that we are going to have price increases at the end of this month... and why. Basically, the main issue is making the business sustainable.  As a non profit, we send all the profits back to Africa anyway.  But, we still have to cover our costs or we are not running a sustainable business - make sense? We learned a TON as we launched this venture in October.  Christmas sales were wild (and crazy) and we found ourselves in amazing opportunities.  Thank you for being a part of it! So there are...

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Happy NEW Year!

As we enter into 2011... we're excited about all things NEW! We have NEW colors coming for the Mulu and Etanesh scarves.  And we have a whole NEW style of scarf. Best news of all?  Because of the scarves you all purchased these last 2 months - we have 30 NEW women who are now ABLE to work, as we train them to be scarf makers!  Very exciting. Also with this NEW year is a NEW chance to tell more people about the fashionABLE story.  Who can you share the story with?

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