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Your perfect travel bag for your packing style


Your perfect travel bag for your packing style

There are plenty of reasons to love this time of year. Finally getting to spend some time in the sun, days that last much longer (goodbye getting dark at 4pm!), and switching your standard latte to iced coffee are just a few. But our favorite part? Travel season.

Those plane tickets you booked months ago when you were freezing and putting on yet another layer? Yep, it’s time to board that plane and head off on your well-deserved vacation.

We know just as well as anyone that packing is no easy task. Each destination requires its own list, and each personality goes about getting things ready in their own way. We’re breaking down tried and true ABLE travel bags that are sure to be a win for your packing style.


The Solome Tote

This bag is our most functional day-to-night bag yet. The interior is as roomy as they come with plenty of space for all your travel essentials– and when you reach your destination and are ready for a night out, just grab the removable clutch and you are ready to go! If you’re looking for a bag that works wherever you are (and looks great at the same time), the Solome Tote is your best travel buddy.



The Alem Weekender


Are you the type who brings everything “just in case”? Who has more items you can’t live without than you can count (PS, no judgement)? Well, it was you we were thinking of when we created the Alem Weekender. This bag has more space than any other ABLE bag out there. Oh, and it definitely elevates your travel outfit automatically. See ya never, travel size shampoo.

Photo: Ashley Wilson



The Alem Backpack


Let’s be honest– the longest part of any travel day is waiting for your checked luggage at the end of your flight. We don’t blame you if you decide to skip it all together. If you’re not into rolling giant suitcases from place to place, we’ve got the bag for you. The Alem Backpack is deceivingly roomy and honestly just cool. AKA it’s the carry on only traveler’s dream. It has jetsetter (and you) written all over it.




The Abera Convertible Backpack


If you’re not headed out for a full vacation and just need a one-day getaway, the Abera Convertible Backpack is for you. Grab your water bottle, snacks, and your favorite playlist and head out for new adventures with the best day trip companion. Large enough to hold all your essentials while small enough to be comfortable as you carry it from place to place. Oh, and did we mention that it easily converts into a handbag? Just detach the backpack straps and voila! You’re ready for any occasion.

Photo: Honor Creative

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