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Wise Words from our Leading Women


Wise Words from our Leading Women

Even though the month of March is ending soon, we want to continue emphasizing the spirit of Women’s History Month and our fight for equality long after March 31. To continue to inspire and empower other women, we’ve asked women in leadership at ABLE a few questions about how they’re fighting for equality every day in their lives. Read on for some of their wise insights: 

Krista, Director of Design

What can be done to encourage more female leadership in the workplace?

Mentorship is key to achieving gender equality in leadership. We owe it to young women to share our experiences and prepare them for success. 

What are the ways you choose to fight inequality?

Destroying ‘Highlander’ thinking. The idea that ‘there can be only one’ is divisive, and it diminishes the value of women leaders. When women lift each other, we are unstoppable!


Leah, Jewelry Business Manager

How do you feel about working in an environment that is 90% women-employed?  

I love working with women because communication is open and feedback is expected. My team is honest with one another and because of that, we feel more like family than coworkers.

Are there any changes you’d like to see in the world around you for women?

This year, the mothers on our team have been stretched big time between schooling from home and work. ABLE has been incredibly accommodating and I want to see this kind of partnership become more common within the global workplace. I love seeing mothers being empowered to work and raise kids! 


Kim, Chief Operating Officer

How can women be leaders in their lives?

Be clear on your personal values and live them in everything you do.  Serve as an example for others you lead.

Women should look for talent in other women and develop them to become future female leaders of our next generation of leadership.

What advice would you give to someone experiencing inequality in their personal life or workplace? 

Educate yourself and seek to understand what inequity is happening.  Have conversations and speak up for yourself and others who may be experiencing the same issues. Learn the best approaches to negotiate successfully, and demand pay that correctly reflects your worth.

Speaking up and speaking out is important, as women we must hold each other up and support each other. If we all do our part, we can shift the tide of inequity.


Brittney, Warehouse and Wholesale Fulfillment Manager

In the spirit of Women's History Month, who are women in your life who have shaped who you are today? 

My mother is such a big part of who I am. She's not only my mom but my best friend. I can't imagine my life without her!

How do you support and lift other women in your life up? 

I'm a really good listener. I think it's important to be able to listen because sometimes that's all people need.


Jen, Vice President of Sales and Merchandising

What motivates you to keep going in your life and career?

 I am motivated because it was instilled in me at a very young age that I was capable of creating change in the world. My best bonus is that the work we're doing makes a difference in people's lives, while providing more female role models for other young professionals.

How does your position give you a unique opportunity to create more equality in your field?

 I've worked at ABLE for 7 years, and have had a front-row seat to impact of our mission (traveling, managing vendor relationships, working on accountABLE). I've learned more about equality in this job than I have anywhere else in my life, and I love that my role helps to create jobs for women while also celebrating our customers' impact.


At ABLE, we are proud to be women-led and fighting for equality in an industry that hasn’t always advocated for women. We’re so thankful for the women who lead our team at ABLE and for their willingness to share how they continue to uplift the women in their lives every day. 

We celebrate and fight for women’s equality here at ABLE and we invite you to join us!

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