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With love, from Mom


With love, from Mom

Mothers have made us who we are today– whether they be biological moms, grandmothers, mentors, or beyond. Many of us love women who have shaped and influenced us. So many of our skills, traits, and passions are rooted first in them. Hear from our staff and extended ABLE family about the parts of our moms we always carry with us.


The importance of making memories

Andrea, Director of Planning

For me, the mother I am today is completely shaped by my own mother. She has handed down to me the importance of creating memories together with your children, whether it is through experiences traveling, cooking together at home, or getting creative with what you have. I will always value those times and strive to create them with my own children.

A love for all things Disney

Erin, Graphic Designer

There are SO many things that I have learned from my mom. She is the best role model and friend I could ever ask for. She has taught me to laugh, love, and just enjoy life with those around me. 

One of my favorite things that she has passed down over the years, is a love for Disney. Some of my favorite memories as a kid (and adult) are watching Disney movies with my family, traveling to Disney World, or setting sail on the Disney Cruise. Without her and my dad showing me first hand the fun that Disney brings– and the message that “dreams really do come true,” and that you can’t take life too seriously– I would not be the person I am today. Her love for Disney has been passed down to me in the very best way— and it is a love that I will carry with me all through life and one day pass down to my kids.


A deep appreciation for good cajun food

Marisa, Marketing Brand Director

I got many things from my mom - my love of color-coded calendars, my skill of putting together furniture, and my need to have a piece of chocolate after every meal.  But one of my favorites things I got from my mom (and her mom!), who grew up in Louisiana, is my appreciation for freshly-caught-fish and good cajun cooking. They taught me how to peel boiled crabs and crawfish, and they passed down the most delicious seafood sauces and recipes. 

An artistic eye

Ellen, Brand Representative

My mom is an artist and has passed down her eye to me. She has always drawn my attention to unseen details in nature and magnified beauty in the world around me. Standing in front of an old oak tree, instead of looking at the tree itself, she would get excited about the shadows it was casting on the grass. On a snowy morning, she would point out that the snow wasn't truly white, it was blue and yellow from reflected light. She taught me an appreciation for the art in everyday life– the weight of an antique lamp, the suppleness of a July tomato, even the blackness of a dog's lips. This attention to color and shape makes my world more magnificent and wondrous.


An attention to detail

Mallory, Wholesale Sales Director

 My mom gave me her love for details. It sounds like a funny thing to say, but from a young age I remember watching my Mom do things with such detailed vision. Whether it was picking out fabrics, shopping for antiques, or hearing her speak on a conference call, she did it all with great level of care and detail. What she has shown me is the story, magic of life, and love can all be shown in detail. 


Strength and compassion

Elissa, Social Media Manager

In rough times, like the kind we are currently living through, we are often encouraged to look for "the helpers"– those that are going out of their way to do what they can to assist others. Growing up, I had a wonderful example of that in my own mother; if there was a need and an opportunity in which she could assist, she felt it was her responsibility to help. After earthquakes devastated Haiti in 2010, my mom joined a team of nurses and doctors to provide medical aid, and continued to make the trip regularly up until heightened political unrest canceled her trip this past year. Now, she's been transferred from the PACU at Bryn Mawr Hospital to the ICU to help combat COVID-19. Strength, compassion, and humanity in times of hardship are all traits I am proud to have learned from her.


The importance of family

Michelle, Brand Representative

My mom has taught me the importance of family– the one thing you can count on no matter what.


A passion for shopping secondhand

Sawyer, Copywriter

My mom gave me a deep love and appreciation for shopping secondhand. Growing up (and still when I go home to visit!), we would pick up a local paper on Friday nights, circle garage sale ads that interested us, and map a route. Then we would get up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, grab some cheap coffee and donuts, and head off in search of hidden gems. By going on these adventures with her for years, I’ve learned how to give things a second look (they aren’t always as they appear), value things that are one-of-a-kind, and never overpay for kitchen essentials. This hobby rooted in my mom has turned into a passion, and it’s something I only grow to love more the older I get.


An open-door policy

Jordan, Fashion Director

My mom has taught me a lot– from my love of travel, to my work ethic and strong-willed attitude, and even my love of leopard. I come by it honestly. But one of my favorite things she's taught me is to have an open door. Growing up, we always had extra people at our table, on our vacations, or in our beds at night. Anyone at our house had to play by our family rules (curfew, etc), but also got to partake in anything our family was doing– no questions asked. Yes, there were times that this caused extra stress, and sometimes meals became much more hodge-podge as she pulled frozen sides out in order to feed everyone, but nobody knew the difference. My goal is to create a space like that for my children as they grow up. Welcome, honest, thoughtful.

A sense of creativity

Tori, Marketing Content Manager

My sense of creativity definitely comes from my mom. Growing up she taught me to see creative potential in life's simplest things. Rocks found on the beach became the world's best canvas for cheap acrylic paint. Scraps of yarn and paper became designer doll clothes. Hand-picked wildflowers became the dinner table's most elaborate centerpiece. No matter where our daily adventures took us we always brought some treasure back with an art project in mind. I cherish the fact that she always gave me the freedom to explore and encouraged me to create with a carefree mind. Still to this day she is the first person I call when I am working on a new project. My mom is my biggest supporter, best friend, and constant reminder to slow down and find appreciation in the simple things.


A love for old Hollywood movies

Mary Ellen, ABLE Insider

My mama is the strongest person I know! She truly worked the hardest to give her family the best and now looking back I really understand her sacrifice. She also gave me a love for old Hollywood black & white movies and musicals, and a deep appreciation for making something new with something old. She also has this sort of special calm in her voice that can melt away any fear or problem. 


A love for adventure

Jen, Director of Merchandising

My love for adventure definitely comes from my mom. She was always planning our next trip or coming up with fun ways to mark milestones. When I was in junior high, she picked me up from school on my birthday, saying she "forgot I had a dentist appointment" but had all my skiing stuff in the car– we played hooky and spent the day skiing instead! She taught me the importance of making an effort to find joy in every day, and that any effort needed to create memories is well worth it. 



A lesson in patience

Ashley, ABLE Insider

My mom was a kindergarten teacher for 35 years and if anyone knows patience-– it's a teacher! She has strongly influenced me to be patient with my kids and a "helper" to all. She showed us kindness and how to serve others by doing, not saying. I hope to show my boys the same.

A lesson in inner beauty

Stephanie, ABLE Insider


From a young age my mother always taught me about inner beauty. She would tell me a lot of things can be beautiful on the outside but if our hearts aren't kind and loving the beauty falls away. Her little lessons about inner beauty have shaped the way I perceive people all around me. They've also helped me remember to be kind and loving to friends and strangers passing by and to speak up when you notice something wonderful about someone. Whether it’s their laugh or notable characteristic to share with them how wonderful they are. It’s little treasures like that I hope I can pass onto my girls.


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