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Winter Trends 2017: High Necklines


Winter Trends 2017: High Necklines
As we enter the new year, we've got a few moths of winter ahead of us to embrace the layers and try to stay looking cool without feeling completely frozen.  So all month we'll be sharing some of our favorite Winter Trends.

Turtlenecks used to be the disappointing Christmas gift from your grandma that you prayed your mother would never make you actually wear. They seemed scratchy and dorky then, but we promise they are now v “in” now. High necklines are sleek and classy and you can start finding them a lot more around you! Who ever thought turtlenecks would be sexy!? They are. 

Tip: pull your hair back with a higher neckline and it creates the perfect showcase for your favorite statement earrings (like our Drop Thread Earrings here)


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