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Why We Love Burgundy


Why We Love Burgundy
What is it about the approach of autumn that creates excitement in us all? Is it that the dreaded summer heat is gone and crisp, cool mornings are here? Or that you can break out your oversized sweater (hello comfortable!) and sit by a firepit, surrounded by red and orange leaves crunching beneath your boots?
While it differs for everyone - there’s something we all know to be true. Your Fall wardrobe is ready to come alive again and we’ve got new leather hues that are sure to add the perfect pop of color this season.
The Menbere Foldover bag in Burgundy

We've embraced all the fall vibes here by expanding our leather products into several new colors for the season - most notably BURGUNDY.

Burgundy is the classic neutral that never goes out of style. The richness of the deep hue makes it a color that can go with any outfit, adding a sophisticated touch to casual outfits during the day (Banchi Satchel!) and a pop of color with dressier outfits at night (Fozi Foldover Clutch!).

The Mamuye Tote in Burgundy
Shop all things burgundy here. (and say hello to the best-season-yet!)

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