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ValuABLE At Any Age


ValuABLE At Any Age

We first fell in love with Paula when she left a review on our ValuABLE Tee. She wrote about how excited she was to wear her tee for her 60th birthday in Hawaii. Paula represents how valuABLE women are of all ages. For Paula, this celebration is more than just a birthday party, it is also a celebration of her remission from a year battle with cancer including a bone marrow donor transplant.



Paula celebrates 60th birthday and 6 year battle with cancer in Hawaii with her family.
Paula explains that "ageism" in our society has made women who are 50, 60, and up feel invisible in the beauty and fashion industries. She challenges this idea with the belief that women who are these ages are able to wear more fashion forward items because of the confidence and wisdom they possess. Though more brands are opening up their demographic to include some of different ages, there isn't strong representation across the board, and we hope to see more women of all ages within fashion. 

“I feel mature women can look hip and turn heads because we are confident in our skin.” 

This is what we love about Paula. She does not let her age define what kind of life she wants to live. She allows her story to become what pushes her forward instead of what holds her back. In this season of her life, she is pursuing a masters degree to become a chaplain, cultivating a thriving writing career, and of course, continuing to travel and see the world.

"I'm still fighting a battle, but I keep my goals out in front of me. All cancer survivors are ValuABLE to society, in that we inspire." 


During her trip to Hawaii, Paula wore her ValuABLE Tee when she went on a helicopter ride, proving that adventure doesn’t stop at a certain age!
Hearing from our customer is valuABLE to us because it allows us to know how we can best represent each of you! Do you have a story you would like to share? Contact us at

  • Staci Ramsey on

    Thank you for posting her story. I turned 56 this year and in some circles I am considered too old, particularly my career. I am looking forward to what life brings with the realization we are never too old and it strengthens my goals when reading stories such as this!

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