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The Heart Behind Gifts Worth More

This season, you've heard us talk about Gifts Worth More. A lot. Around the holidays it's easy to get lost in all the messages, promotions, and companies convincing you that you need the next best thing. That's why we wanted to share this with you.

Amidst all the chaos and the noise, we wanted to let you in on a bit of our heart around this campaign. Your purchase affects more than just you, and it has immense power to either harm or protect– that choice is yours. We want to give you the knowledge you need to make your purchases with confidence (learn more about #PublishYourWages here). Enjoy reading why gifting is so meaningful to our team and what gifting means to us here at ABLE. Happy Gifting and Happy Holidays!


Giving gifts is one of my most favorite things! I love finding the perfect gift for someone that they may not think to buy themselves, and in doing this I love introducing new brands that are creating impact and give even more meaning to the purchase. As a consumer (who is buying during the holiday season regardless) I want to be sure I am spending my money on goods, from brands I can to stand behind. -Allison

Gift giving is such an opportunity to be thoughtful. I like to remember that it goes beyond thoughtfulness in what I’m giving and who I’m giving to, but in the product itself. Who made this product? What is his or her life like? Purchasing from brands that care about their makers and do right by them gives me confidence that my purchase power is being used to improve the world we live in and positively affecting lives along the way. -Sawyer

Giving a gift worth more allows me to invest in my friends and family, while also investing in the women that I work with. I see women around me everyday who are given new opportunities because of their jobs at ABLE — whether that means they have overcome anxiety or they are providing for their family. It is an honor to be even a small part of their story. -Jordan


There’s nothing better than finding the perfect gift for someone. And when you can feel good about your purchase and know that it’s also benefiting the maker on the other end? A total win-win. -Marisa

The most memorable gifts I’ve ever received all have meaning and were so thoughtfully chosen for me. So when I’m shopping for my friends and family, I am not only thinking about who it’s for, but also who I’m supporting with my purchase. I think the more we know about the people who make the gifts we give, the more connected we feel to each other. And that’s what it’s really all about. -Amber


A gift or piece with a story behind it is a game changer. It no longer is a simple piece of metal or leather but it comes to life. It has a pulse. We become connected to the artist who created it even if just for a moment. We feel the care, passion and pride that comes from a handmade piece. Our collections at ABLE don’t simply have one story but many. There is a story of a woman gaining custody of her children. A Jeweler gaining the financial freedom to build a life of her own. Women starting out building boxes and now building teams in management. We are actually changing lives with the product we make. Stories of honor, talent and sisterhood that will last generations, generations?! By investing in ABLE pieces, you get to take part in writing the story of a future. -Lindley


What do Gifts Worth More mean to you? Share your thoughts with #myABLE!

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