Suede + Nubuck Leather for Fall 2017

This Fall, we incorporated 2 new leather textures, suede and nubuck, known for their softness and luxe look. Suede is made from the inside of the hide and has more of a rugged surface, while maintaining a chic look. You might not be as familiar with nubuck, which is similar in appearance to suede, but has more of a velvety, smooth surface. Nubuck leather is from the outer side of the hide and is buffed to achieve a super soft texture.   

The Tirhas Saddlebag in mixed black suede + leather
Incorporating suede or nubuck into your wardrobe is easy when you do it through accessories, and it's a quick way to elevate your look. Not to mention how pretty and soft the material is! (It will be hard to resist petting your new bag!)  
The Banchi Satchel, which comes with an accent of yellow, burgundy or black nubuck 
We love using suede and nubuck for their soft and smooth feel, however, due to the nature of these untreated leathers, they can be more susceptible to dirt and oil stains. We recommend spraying your suede or nubuck bag with a protector every month (we like Kiwi Brand or Apple Brand) to keep it looking fresh. 
Now that you know a little more about suede and nubuck, and you know how to take care of them, check out all of the new bags available in these soft materials! From the trendier Fozi Foldover Clutch and Banchi Satchel, to some updates to the Tirhas Saddlebag, Meles Carryall and Selam Tote, we love being able to offer you more interesting shapes and textures to expand your style and get you ready for Fall!
The Fozi Foldover Clutch in yellow nubuck

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