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Staff Holiday Traditions


Staff Holiday Traditions

One of our favorite things about the holidays are all the traditions that come with them. Traditions make time spent with loved ones feel special and unique. We love hearing what traditions makes our staff feel close to their families and friends and how they have become a part of their celebrations year after year. Here are a few of our favorites!


Every holiday season, my mom, my sister and I watch White Christmas together all cozy on the couch under lots of fluffy blankets. It almost doesn't feel like Christmas until we hear Bing Crosby sing.


My sisters and I always pick out different animal onesies before Christmas and wear them to sleep on Christmas eve (and we sleep in the same room) and wake up in them Christmas morning. My brothers refuse to participate.


We make crepes for every Christmas breakfast– and we go all out with all the toppings! Then we eat them snug by the fire while it’s snowy outside.


Everyone in my family lives far away, but all year we have a text "channel" that we send each other photos on. At the end of the year, my sister pulls all of the best photos into "Family calendar" – a wall calendar she makes online– and we all sit down together to go through it. We all have to go onto it together and react to each month together. That's a rule. Sometimes if distance prevents us from physically being together, we have to FaceTime, but it always happens every year since 2004!


We always eat tamales on Christmas Eve then open up our Christmas PJs to wear in the morning!


We have a few traditions, but my absolute favorite is that we put our wishes/hopes for the upcoming year in this really pretty ornament that my Mother-in-Law gave us right after we were married. We usually do this after Christmas when things are less busy– and then we open the previous year's and reflect and give thanks for all the blessings that happened.


Steve and I exchange an ornament every year so we fill our tree with memories. We can go back and remember what each year was like! For example, I got a little NYC taxi for the year we spent a lot of time in NYC and a Gilmore Girls ornament for the year we finished watching it.


At the beginning of the Christmas season growing up everyone in the family receives an ornament as a gift from Mom and Dad that represents something we experienced during the year. Recently they started a new ornament tradition of gifting us the White House ornament for the year– since I grew up right outside of DC, we always had these ornaments on our tree as kids!


For Christmas Eve Dinner as a family we always have (as weird as it sounds) fried oysters, oyster stew, and ham. Not sure why, but that is always how it's been!


On Christmas Morning we do family gifts under the tree and then always make Cinnamon Roll Waffles for brunch before opening stocking gifts! In our stockings every year there is always a lottery ticket for everyone in the family. We take turns scratching them off and every year there always seems to be at least one winner--even if it is just $1 or $2.


Every Christmas, we wake up (in our Christmas pajamas, of course) and my Dad goes into the living room to check if Santa came. Once he has deemed the coast clear, we put on the same Christmas CD we have listened to every year since we were kids and open our stockings. After that, we eat biscuits and gravy, just like my Mom’s dad used to make them for us growing up. Our Christmases are always full of nostalgia, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Every year, we decorate our tree with vintage glass ball ornaments, big ones on bottom, small ones on top. It has had the same look for as long as I can remember, and it’s magical.



Do you have any holiday traditions? Let us know with #myABLE!

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