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Klaire is one of our FASHIONABLE staff team members and just got married this past October. She did a beautiful job incorporating her own style, as well as some FASHIONABLE products. Read her interview below for some inspiration!

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: Tyler and I met in October of 2015. I had just quit my job and had two weeks off before I started graduate school. In those two weeks of off time, I decided to read the Harry Potter series for the first time, so I bought the first book one morning and drove to The Well Coffeehouse to read. I walked in and Tyler was the barista that made my vanilla latte. We small-talked/flirted for a little bit and had an “instant connection” (barf...so cliche...but true). I ended up reading there each morning and we just started becoming friends. That next Friday night, we both happened to have cancelled plans, and we both ended up at The Well. He sat down with me and asked me to go to dinner with him right then and there. Literally. We packed up and got in his car and drove to dinner. We’ve been together ever since.

Q: Proposal story details?

A: He cooked me dinner one night. It was dark and stormy out, and afterwards we curled up on the couch to watch TV. Around 9pm, he got a “text” from someone at work saying there was some kind of situation and since it was closed and no one was there, they were wondering if he could go over there and help out. The one thing you should know about Tyler is that he is always the first person to help anyone. He is so kind and generous, so this was no surprise to me that he said yes. But then there’s me, the difficult one, and I am like “noooooo I don’t want to, can’t someone else go?!” But of course not. So off we go. We get to The Well, the place that we met, and it’s empty and the lighting is moody and the rain is loud outside. We’re having a casual conversation when he leads me over to the spot that we met and then he got down on one knee! He designed my ring himself using my mom’s heirloom gold, and two of our friends who manage a local jewelry shop made it for him. It’s still the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Q: Can you share a favorite memory from your wedding day?

A: A lot of people say your wedding day is a blur and you won’t remember any of it, but I remember ALL of it. Almost every little detail. The one thing I say about my wedding day is that it was very still. Our venue is tucked away in the woods outside of Nashville and it was the most serene, calm, and Narnia-ish place I’ve ever seen. I think that added to my stillness. But all in all, the day went by so smoothly and I was surrounded by so much love, it was hard not to take it all in. I think I stressed out so much about the planning process, that when the day actually came, I just focused on Tyler and the fact that we were getting married that day and that was all that mattered. But if I had to pick one particular moment, it would be when Tyler got in a dance-off with our officiator during the reception, went to pop, lock, and drop it, slapped his hands down on the concrete floor, and snapped his gold wedding band in half. 4 hours after he put it on his finger. Gotta love a man who can dance. (It was still under warranty guys...don’t worry).

Necklaces seen here: Black Petite Layering Necklace and Mini Tag Necklace

Q: How did you incorporate your own personal style into the wedding?

A: I incorporated a lot of my personal style into our wedding. I would say it was 70% ethereal and 30% edgy. I custom designed my gown, so it had a really low back and was very textured, but still whimsical (and I put in pockets..best decision ever). I traded my delicate heels for Madewell suede booties. From FASHIONABLE, I wore the black Petite Layering Necklace and I gave each of the girls a Mini Tag necklace with their initial the night before the wedding, as a bridesmaid gift!

Q: Last, but certainly not least...What was your first dance?

A: Tyler’s Best Man, who is obviously one of our very dear friends, has an AMAZING band (The Arcadian Wild..look ‘em up) and they performed throughout our whole wedding. For our first dance, they did the-hands-down-best-version-you’ve-ever-heard of “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce. We’re trying to get them to record it and put it on an album because people just deserve to hear it. I had the idea for them to cover “Crazy in Love” a few months before our wedding, so I had “Crazy in love with you” engraved on the inside of Tyler’s ring before it...ya know...broke in half.

Wedding photos by Killian Rose

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