Q+A with Adventurer Muses, Hazel & Pine


Q+A Hazel & Pine


1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself- what do you do and how did you get started?

I was born in raised in a small town just outside of Seattle, WA. While in college I had the opportunity to live in Rome, Italy and I caught the travel bug, bad. I fell in love with discovering new cultures and living a life where every corner you turned proposed the opportunity for a brand new life altering experience. Eventually I came home, finished my degree and took a job at a PR lifestyle firm in Seattle. After spending a year at the daily grind, I decided to quit my job and buy an around the world ticket. I was once again off and living out of a backpack for three months as I immersed myself in the cultures of SE Asia and Australia.  Eventually I made my way back across the pond and landed in Los Angeles where I lead marketing and public relation teams at lifestyle and media brands and agencies such as Manduka, Disney and The Seattle Times. And after years spent conceptualizing, overseeing and executing campaigns at other companies I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own, hazel & pine, with a dear friend. I now wear lots of hats and serve as a marketing consultant, photographer and the art department for a variety of lifestyle and entertainment companies in Los Angeles and East Africa. 

2) What inspired your personal style and fashion?

My lifestyle impacts my personal style and fashion - I am often on the road for long periods of time and living out of a suitcase so I opt for comfort and ease with a few personal accessories that hold personal significance to me. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and black in my favorite color which makes mixing and matching on a road a bit easier. Most often, I am found in my favorite pair of jeans and a t. 

3) Favorite vacation spot?

I have a family home nestled on a plot of land just outside of West Yellowstone, Montana that has become my sacred space to retreat to.  As soon as I turn off the main highway and onto the dirt road to our house, my heart rests a little easier and I enter my own little scene from A River Runs Through It. The cell phone service is still touch and go and we often go catch our dinner just down the hill in the big bend of the Madison River. I was raised with a high value being placed on simplicity and whenever I am able to visit this place I am able to connect back to those very important roots. 


4) Where do you find inspiration?

Near and far.  Waking to birds singing in the morning, open land, nature, my childhood in Iowa, both of my grand mothers, so urban grit, the human story, music, beautiful print publications, past and current artists, safari, traveling, texture, old family photos, books....just to name a few.

5) What are your go-to travel accessories?

-Small bottle of Rose Water for refreshing

-Fun bright colored lipstick to still feel like a lady while traveling in those far off and rugged places

-Tadasse leather bucket bag in congac (from you guys!) bc it's comfy to throw on as a cross body and still holds everything

-Worn-in all terrain leather boots

-Natalie Martin Dresses bc they are SO insanely lightweight in most of the hot places I travel to 

- Worn in pair of denim and basic tanks

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