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Powerhouse Women in the New Power Suit


Powerhouse Women in the New Power Suit

What is a Powerhouse Woman? 

They are trailblazers who are using their talents to empower and uplift others.  Women who are redefining the workplace and wardrobes, trading in pant suits for the new power suit essential: a leather jacket.

In this blog, we asked each woman a few questions about empowerment while wearing our new Maha Leather Jacket. Meet Cassidy, Katya, Jodie, and Carli. 

Cassidy Sehgal, Data Protection Officer at L'Oreal USA

As someone who benefited from the advocacy of another woman early on in her career, she always looks to do the same for her coworkers at L'Oreal and the women she meets at WomanKind, a nonprofit working with survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing.

“Even in a corporation, sometimes women need courage. The courage to speak for themselves, the courage to present an idea and most importantly, to take a seat at the table.  Women feel imposter syndrome so much. I feel like in my role, I can help people realize that just by doing things right, they are set!”


Meet Katya Libin, Co-Founder and CEO of, a community for mom-bosses providing support, connection, and collaboration for working mothers at every life stage. She's the type of woman we all want in our corner: a warm and welcoming tribe-builder who gets it done - and helps other mamas get it done, too.

“I was inspired to start the company after my best friend and I decided that our village of working moms needed more than the two of us.  We felt so invigorated when we were around other creative mothers but truly didn’t know how to meet and connect with them.”


Jodie Patterson, an activist, mother of 5, and author of The Bold World: A Memoir of Family and Transformation. As a ferocious advocate for equality, Jodie speaks truth, understanding, and love into the world while challenging the status quo for the betterment of all. 

“Change happens at home, at the dinner table, amongst family in intimate settings. It starts in the day-to-day interior lives of families. Women - mothers especially -see things others don’t. We’re social architects, designing families and the infrastructure to sustain entire communities . We take a birds eye view of life. Recognizing a woman’s perspective is essential to change.” 


Carli Lampley, the Art Director of Apotheke, a luxury home fragrance brand and the founder of Honey and Wine, a creative consultancy helping women tell the stories of their companies. A mom, a wife, a flower-grower, and a music-maker, the dynamic Carli inspires us to embrace the vulnerability and strength that every woman has inside of her.  

“Women need to be open FOR each other and TO each other, celebrate the "imperfection", the vulnerability, and challenge each other through it to help refine each other in the process. We need to empower each other not just to speak up but to be wise, loving, humble, and strong when we do.”

The Questions

Why is empowering other women important to you?

"Because I think as moms we naturally want to take care of each other and after having a whole network of them is not only something we need but what we deserve. Moms also have disadvantages in the workforce and I think it’s our responsibility to lift each other up so that the future mamas know that motherhood is the HOOD you want to be a part of." - Katya 

"In a world with so much angst and fear and fighting, women have fought against each other for too long. We are sensitive, yes. We are loving, yes. Our emotions are as much our fuel as our downfall, sometimes. We are dynamic multitasking, problem solving, life giving, beautiful beings and we need to learn that if we fight FOR each other, stand on BEHALF of each other, and stop nitpicking ourselves and those beside we could do more than we have ever dreamed (and I know woman dream some big things!)." - Carli 

What makes you feel most empowered?

"Being surrounded by good people. We don’t all need to agree, but thinking and hearing others for me is so empowering." - Cassidy 

"When my family is strong so am I." - Jodie 

In one word, how does wearing a leather jacket make you feel?

  • BADASS. - Cassidy
  • Badass. Basically. :) - Katya 
  • Fortified. - Jodie 
  • Confident. - Carli

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