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Oh, The Places We'll Go


Oh, The Places We'll Go

The new Alem Weekender has us thinking about our next getaway. We went around the office to find out where everyone has been traveling this summer and what their best travel tips are!

SARA: Controller

We have been low-key for travel this summer, just heading down to the beaches of 30-A a few times, but I WISH I was going back to Tulum...that was my favorite vacation to date...

Travel advice: Always make sure you have necessities in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost (toothbrush/toothpaste, contact solution, one change of clothes and clean underwear!) And ALWAYS weigh your suitcase before you leave the house so you can re-shift items between bags if necessary and avoid those hefty fees.

AMANDA: Staff Accountant

We're going Denver, Colorado, St. Petersburg, FL, and Cape Cod, MA! 

Travel advice: I have a "Vacation Packing List" note saved on my phone so it's a no-brainer when I'm inevitably trying to pack the night before! I keep all my travel sized products & laundry sack ready to go in my toiletry bag. And, I try to only pack versatile clothing items that can be split up to create several different outfits. I try to not pack shoes that can't be worn more than once during my trip - otherwise, it's not worth the precious cargo space! 9 times out of 10 my Birkenstocks look just as good with my outfit than my heeled sandals would. Security lines stress me out (especially when you're traveling with kids!) and I find it's so much easier to maneuver around airports without a purse so, I swap out my Mamuye Tote for a backpack and make sure my Debre Wallet is easy to locate and throw anything extra in my Emnet Pouch.

ANNALISE: Jewelry Designer

I road tripped to sunny southern California this summer!

Travel advice: I always stash extra snacks in my backpack! Whether I use it as my carry-on for a flight or my catch-all for a road trip, I make sure to have plenty of protein bars and yummy dark chocolate peanut butter cups to satisfy my cravings between flights or pit stops. 
MARISA: Director of Marketing
We're visiting family in Chicago & Atlanta (aka the grandparents!)
Travel advice: Especially now that I’m packing for 2, I start a list on my phone for both me & my toddler about 2 weeks out, so I can quickly add things as the come to mind. And then I love using packing cubes so everything stays neat + organized. #typeA


BRIE: Jewelry Designer

I'm traveling to LA to visit my best friend from College who recently moved there to pursue her music career!

Travel advice: When packing, I like to roll my clothes up. I find it makes for more room in the suitcase, but also reduces on fold lines and wrinkles! I also always bring a sketch book with me. Sometime's when traveling to a new place, it's good to put down your phone/camera and really take in the environment around you, write about it, doodle, save wrappers and receipts, or just draw. Makes for a fun travel journal to look back on!

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