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Newly x ABLE


Newly x ABLE

This season calls for cozying up next to a fire with a book and a blanket. Nothing sounds more enticing than wrapping up in the eco-friendly Newly x ABLE blanket. With every purchase of this blanket, you are not only helping the environment, but you are helping create jobs.

Here at ABLE, we believe in responsibly manufacturing products. To us, that means using materials that are environmentally friendly, recyclable, or parts that otherwise would have been disposed of.

In Ethiopia, our handmade leather goods are a byproduct of the meat industry’s food scraps that would have been dumped into a landfill. Additionally, our denim is manufactured in a factory in Mexico that recycles 100% of its water to drastically reduce environmental impact. Even our new Tortoise Jewelry Collection is developed from acetate, which is a renewable material that provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. Although these products are responsibly sourced, our main focus is sustainability in human impact, which is why we empower women through economic opportunity, and we strongly believe in partnering with brands that share our core values.

Brand partnerships are significant to us at ABLE, because it means two like-minded companies joining forces to create an exceptional product. Each potential collaboration is taken into careful consideration, and with Newly, it was a no-brainer. Newly is a sustainable e-commerce company co-founded by Michael Graziano, Joel Griffith, Jesse Sproul, Matt Lehman, and ABLE’s founder, Barrett Ward. The idea for the company surfaced after these five men challenged each other to be more conscious about recycling within their inner circle. From there, the men decided it was time to fill a void in the market with home good products that are crafted from recycled materials. Newly creates items like chef boards made from salvaged hardwood beams, acrylic trays created from recycled signs, and repurposed glass bottles.

Setting the bar high was always a focus for the founders of Newly. Michael had two unwavering requirements for Newly: create products that are beautiful and products that are sourced from 100% recycled materials, and when ABLE and Newly teamed up, we did just that. The threads come from tattered t-shirts and textiles throughout Spain that are broken down then spooled together with plastic from recycled water bottles. Each blanket manufactured uses 12 recycled water bottles and saves thousands of gallons of water from being used in production.

If you made this blanket from virgin materials, it would take 2,250 gallons of water. In our process, it takes zero.” - Michael, Newly Mission Director and co-founder

Michael, along with the rest of the Newly team envision expansion by acquiring more of the supply chain in hopes of impacting local communities.

“Imagine if we could collect all the  glass that gets thrown away on Broadway here in Nashville every weekend and reuse it to make beautiful drinkware,” he says. “And then that could provide jobs for people locally. That’s the dream."

We love the way Michael thinks - taking something and turning it into something beautiful while creating jobs along the way. We are so proud to be partnering with a company that aligns with our values at ABLE.

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