New Ways to Grey

We’ve been receiving a number of questions lately on the difference in some of our newest grey shades - what’s the lightest? What’s the darkest? How can you compare the two? We understand - it can be tricky to navigate the interwebs and find just the PERFECT color for your new Fall bag.

Today we will be comparing, contrasting and giving a full run-down of our two new Fall grey shades - Fog + Slate. These two have replaced our classic Pewter shade, which contained hints of brown undertones and a more earthy texture. While we will always love our Pewter, as we move into cooler temperatures, we wanted our new grey hues to have cooler undertones and reflect a truer grey.

 First up - FOG. Think of this color as your goes-with-everything kind of bag. It is the lightest of our greys and gives off a marble texture.

Fog is a more casual shade and is the perfect accessory to your favorite pair of denim, a white tee and comfy sweater. You can’t go wrong with our Tadesse Bucket Bag or Abera Crossbody in Fog this Fall.

Our second new hue is SLATE. This will be your go-to for all date nights, girls nights and any event night. Slate is a darker color with a more saturated sheen to it.

It’s sophisticated in every way and works best with a pair of dark denim and that silky blouse or blazer that you have. We’d suggest the Emnet Pouch or Meles Carryall for all things Slate this season.

How would you style your new grey hues?

Shop all things Fog + Slate here.

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