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New Products from a New Partner!


New Products from a New Partner!
While we will always continue our partnerships in Ethiopia, where our story began, we look forward to growing our impact around the world into other countries and continents (and categories!), as we invest in, empower, and employ those that need opportunity.

We recently expanded our mission by working with a new factory in Mexico and providing more jobs for women! We have come to love this family-run business, not only for the superior quality of leather goods they are producing for FASHIONABLE, but for their heart for their employees. In the past 8 years, they have established a business that is defying traditional manufacturing stereotypes in their area, creating a clean, safe place to work, with equal opportunity and fair pay.

Some things we especially love about this partner is that they have many women in leadership roles, offer insurance to all of their employees and offer flexibility for working moms who need to take care of their children & pick them up from school! They’re also working on a benefits program to help families pay for their kids to go to school and building an on-site day care, which really shows their dedication to working with women and helping them support their families.

Two of our newest products come straight from this factory, and we’re so proud to show you their work!

Check out the Mirella Circle Bag - the fun shape adds a pop to your style and is an exciting addition to our line of bags.

This new partner also made the Lola Pouch, which is a compact and cool pocket-sized accessory now available on our site. You can throw in your headphones, spare change, cash or cards to keep track of all the little things in one place!

*fun fact: the Lola Pouch is made from scrap leather, in an effort to eliminate waste! 

We’re so grateful for this new partnership and the beautiful products that are already being created through them! Every purchase you make helps employ another woman who we have made certain is being treated to a proper working environment. Thank you for supporting them through your purchase!

  • Bernadette Rodriguez on

    Makes me incredibly happy to see Fashionable supporting this country at the time when there is so much deviseness. This is an area that is rich in resources and has much to offer with a historical culture of strong women in which other women see themselves reflected. Thank you for taking the time to find this new partnership! So very happy to see this!

  • GLenda DUnn on

    I love that bag

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