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New Partners in Peru


We are so excited to launch a new category, not just because we think these shoes are beautiful, but because they have allowed us to partner with a family-run business in Peru! About 8 million people in Peru remain poor and women are the most affected. Most rural women are in poverty, although they play a central role in the economy. They represent as much as 80% of a family's labor force, allowing their husbands to migrate in search of temporary work.

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That’s why it it was vital for us to partner with this company in Lima, Peru that is not only known for their integrity and quality, but offers equal opportunities to women and pays them fairly. They also offer benefits packages that include health insurance, family allowance, bonuses, and pensions funds, which sets them apart as a business we are proud to partner with. Read our interview with the founder, Miriam, who our Mules were named after!

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When did your family business begin and what was your role with it?

Our company began in 1985. My parents come from a province very far from the capital and were of very low economic resources. My father Pedro Torres began to work in a shoe factory and was committed to studying modeling of footwear. After 3 years, and with the initiative of his wife, he offered his first sample to a shoe store in the city center. Their first order was 24 pairs of shoes! The profit from that first order was used to buy two machines and the molds that were very necessary for production. Their budget was low though, and was not enough to buy new machines. That request was growing and the customers were increasing very fast, so it became necessary for a change of location. In 2005, they settled in the Industrial Zone and formed our company. My two older brothers and I supported our parents in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

What does an average day look like in your job?

Since I was a little girl I fulfilled many functions in the company, but I now dedicate myself to the production and the development of product. That is to say that each design that is created, we make sure everything is prepared to put it into massive production. I organize each area that is necessary for that.

My work day is very tight, I run around all day! I start off in production to see that it is in progress and also meet with customers to assemble their collection. I meet with the makers who are responsible for making the patterns for the shoe and with the shoe factory to request samples for new models. I go to leather tanneries to choose materials to be used for the next order and make payments of the day to suppliers. I make sure that each area has what it needs so that their work does not stop.

Explain what makes your business a better place for women to work?

Our business is a family business making it a great place to work. The two older daughters are in production and design, and my brothers are dedicated to other things. Joseline takes care of the staff and their productivity of the day and I take care of the general administration, all with guidance and advice of my father. As a family, we work with each woman to teach them how to make a beautiful, final product.

What are you most proud of creating through your work?

What gives me pride is knowing that we generate employment for many families and that our product is well seen by our customers. I want our company to grow day by day so that our product is reaching more women, like us, who use it in different countries. Every day we work to improve our product. There are an infinite number of designs and every day we work to learn them all.

At FASHIONABLE, we believe that no matter out story, we have all overcome and are ABLE to find purpose in our work. What is something you are ABLE to do because of your job and the business you’ve helped create?

Thanks to the company my parents have more economic ease that allows them to travel to the province where they were born frequently to see their family. They could have never done that before. Every day we are gaining more experience and growing as a team and a family. 


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