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behind-the-scenes Faces of FASHIONABLE Leather

As we head into the holidays, we're starting a new series: Faces of FASHIONABLE. The inspirational women behind our products have courageous stories of overcoming, and we are honored to share them with you.

First up: a new partner in ZAMBIA!

All of our GLOBAL impact up to this point has been in Ethiopia, so we are so excited to be expanding and adding another African partner from the country of Zambia!  

This new partner has been operating as a business since 2008, employing 15 locally trained Zambians. In addition to fair wages, the women are provided housing, transportation, lunch, mid morning and afternoon tea, loans for education, in-house training, as well as medical assistance and support.  

Get to know Yolanda, the heroic woman one of our new bags, the Yolanda Bucket Tote, is named after...

I have been working here for 3 years. I started in the beading room making jewelry and bag decoration and now I move between that and working as a tailor. I am married to a loving husband with two lovely daughters.

With the second daughter I had complications during my pregnancy and she was born premature at only 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) but she is now 2 years old and healthy.

*What is your favorite hobby or interest?:

I enjoy watching fashion shows and listening to music as well as doing fashion design, singing and modeling.

*What is your dream for the future?:

I hope to someday be a musician and jewelery designer.

*How does your job give you dignity?:

My job gives me dignity because I can support my family, myself and

am now an independent wife and mother.

*What are you now ABLE to do because of your job?:

My job has enabled me to learn how to bead, starting from beading decorations on leather bags to jewelery and now sewing some of the bags.  I have learned a lot of techniques and have been guided towards exploring my creativity.

 Our 2 new bags for the holidays from Zambia -- the Yolanda Bucket Tote and Glenda Clutch -- are made of a soft, locally sourced Zambian leather, and each have a fun tassel accent!

Shop these + a ton of other new products in our Holiday Gift Guide.

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