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New Partner Country: PERU


New Partner Country: PERU

As we head into the holidays, we're starting a new series: Faces of FASHIONABLE. The inspirational women behind our products have courageous stories of overcoming, and we are honored to share them with you.

Yesterday we shared about ZAMBIA, and today we're introducing you to our 1st global jewelry partner in PERU!

We are thrilled to be partnering with sisters Ximena and Pamela. We met them earlier this year and immediately knew we had to work together!  Not only are their pieces gorgeous, but they are working and supporting responsible artisanal mining in Peru... they are actually the 1st in Peru to work with the FAIRMINED standard!  

Get to know Ximena and Pamela...

Tell us more about your business.  We are the founders and designers. We started our brand in 2011 and since the beginning we wanted to showcase all the craftsmanship we have in our country and all the beautiful variety of stones you can find here. 

When you’re not hard at work, what do you like to do in your free time? We love to go to the beach or having family reunions and of course we love traveling 

We believe that every one of us understands what it means to overcome, and we are all ABLE to find purpose in the work we do. What is something YOU are ABLE to do because of your work?  Through our work we are able to create new jobs in Peru, showcasing the amazing jewelry craftsmanship we have in our country, since the Inca´s Empire until now.

All of our new jewelry from PERU is made of sterling silver with semi-precious stones, and they are stunning:

Cosmos Ring // Spear Ring // Mountain Ring // Raw Stone Necklace // Pyramid Necklace // Dainty Pyramid Necklace // Pyramid Bracelet // Drop Thread Earrings

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