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Mommy Photographer | ASHTIN + GEMMA


Mommy Photographer | ASHTIN + GEMMA

Interview + photography by Kate Dearman 

Ashtin Paige is an always on-the-go mommy & photographer based in Nashville, TN. She discovered her passion for photography at a young age after being introduced to the modeling industry through her mom. From the beginning, she was more interested in being behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Her mother purchased her a polaroid at the age of eleven and from there, Ashtin’s love of the craft blossomed. Her love of photography remained a hobby until she did her first engagement shoot at 18. Through word of mouth, her schedule began to book up with photography gigs.

Ashtin’s first made her way to Nashville in 2011 to photograph an event for a friend. She immediately fell in love with the people that call Nashville home saying, “Everyone felt so warm. It was so nice.” Six months later, she decided to sell everything, leave Texas and make her way to a new home in Nashville.

She decided pursue photography alongside another job until her baby girl was born. “It wasn't until after she was born that I realized I really was serious about this,” says Ashtin, “I was tired of saying I was a photographer without pursuing it with everything I had.”

She acknowledged that being a mom would make it harder for her, but didn't see it as an obstacle because, in her words, “Gemma pushes me to do this everyday in a way that I might have not had the motivation before.”

Ashtin says that her daughter “inspires her to not give up on things because they are hard.”

She sees her role as a mother to be an example to Gemma and herself that she doesn't have to give up on dreams just because she is a mom now. “There is a way to be a present mother and pursue your dreams. That balance will always be tricky, but I feel like the more I pour into Gemma and my family, the more they push me to do the things I want to do.”

“She pushes me to pursue my dreams, and that inspires me because I want her to do the same,” says Ashtin.

In looking for balance between motherhood and work, Ashtin looks for products that allow her to have everything she needs in one convenient place. “We literally have everything together all the time. My purse is her bag,” she says. The Abera Crossbody Tote in Pale Dogwood is her bag of choice because it allows her to keep everything organized and together throughout her on-the-go weekdays. “Our lives are bags. We are always on-the-go. I leave the house every morning at eight-thirty and we don't get home until six.”

Fellow mommies, what is your go-to Fashionable bag? We’d love to hear from you!

  • Katy on

    I am a mother and a college professor, and my go-to bag is the Mamuye tote. I got it in black and loved it so much I bought a second in pale dogwood. I love the simplicity of the Mamuye tote, and I love that the more you use it, the more character it has! It really is the perfect bag for me.

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