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Interview + photography by Kate Dearman

Tori Wiget is a mommy and hairdresser with a passion for showing Mother Earth as much love as she can through the way she lives. Since having her baby girl, Tori has rearranged her work style to accommodate her career without sacrificing time with Esmé by moving her salon to her living room.

We sat down with Tori a few weeks ago to pick her brain about how she balances being a mother, career woman and advocate for sustainable living.

The phrase Tori coins to describe motherhood is happy sacrifice. “When you're a mom, you're working and making sacrifices, but you're not upset about it.”

Wearing the Bridge Ring here

She advises working mom’s to be realistic, emphasizing the importance of knowing that it won’t be the same as it was pre-baby. Even though it won’t be the same, Tori does point out advantages to the mommy/work life-balance. “In some ways, it’s better because it makes you become more efficient at your job to get home to be with your baby, or you get creative like we did to make it work. We turned part of our living room into a styling room.”

As mentioned earlier, Tori believes in being kind to the earth and her passion for sustainability is a driver for the types of products she chooses for her family. She seeks out products that are as clean as possible and sustainable. For baby Esmé, she opts for glass bottles when possible, and when plastic is the only option, she looks for BPA free products. She prefers cloth diapers over disposable two-fold because they are kinder to the environment and more practical for her family’s lifestyle. “We are a one car family,” Tori explains, “when she needs more diapers, I simply start a load of laundry rather than having to go to the store.”

Tori’s favorite FASHIONABLE bag is the Meles Leather Carryall in Cognac. She loves how easy the bag is to pack because of it’s square bottom design. She also loves the organization provided by the bag’s many pockets. For Tori, this bag pulls double duty. “I am able to use it for her stuff and mine. It’s both a diaper bag and a purse.”

Tori points out that while she doesn't eat a lot of meat, she likes things that are made to last. From a sustainability standpoint, she appreciates that the bag can be broken down if need be, because leather is biodegradable. Tori explains that when choosing how to approach animal products, she thinks longterm. “I like the idea of being kind to the earth by consuming less meat, but leather does a better job of standing up to abuse. I won’t have to get another bag. Even once she's out of diapers, this is still going to be my go-to because it’s made to last.” she says.

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