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Monday mornings can be tough- so we’re curious how everyone else maximizes those early hours to give them the best start to their work week! We asked a few ladies around our office what their life looks like before arriving at their desk and love how everyone's day starts off a little different. 

JORDAN: Fashion Designer

6:45: Alarm goes off (it’s my husband’s alarm, because I do not like being woken up by an alarm)

7:00: My puppy starts barking and both my husband and I get up, take the dog out, and make coffee

7:15: Sit down together for coffee + bible study — I’m 1 day away from reading through the entire Bible. This part of my day just centers me while also getting my brain moving :)

7:45: Read WWD and scroll through Pinterest to get motivated for the workday.

8:15: Get ready for work — make up, vitamins, planning my day, all the while, still drinking coffee.

8:45: My husband hands me breakfast (today it was a smoothie) and I head out the door to work!

8:50: It takes me 5 minutes to get to work… It’s amazing. I try to be a tiny bit early so I can settle into my desk, get organized, set up my music, and get going right at 9!

JEN: Director of Merchandise Planning

6:10: My first alarm sounds. I turn it off in my sleep.

6:15: My Kiwake alarm app goes off and I actually get out of bed. A blogger (Jenny @ Avenue Midwest) got me hooked on this app — it’s the only thing that can wake me up in the AM! I then turn off the barrage of backup alarms I’ve set, which are unnecessary.

6:25: I try not to look at my phone before I walk my sweet Brittany spaniel, Duke, around our neighborhood. Unplugging and getting outside first thing in the morning is key for me to reduce stress and keep me productive throughout the workday.

6:45: Check my calendar to get my brain going on what meetings / content will be part of my day.

6:50: Shower + get ready. Note: timing is very dependent on whether or not it’s a dry shampoo day :)

7:25: Gather my things, throw together my lunch, make sure all the doors are locked and all hot things are unplugged (anyone else?). Somehow this takes forever, no matter how organized I try to be. I’m always running back for something.

7:40: Leave the house! Our office hours don’t start until 9 am, but I typically have an 8 am coffee meeting, international vendor call (Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead) or need to get a head start on some reporting while the office is quiet. I typically have some fruit or a Larabar for breakfast on my drive. And I definitely do not ever do my makeup at red lights, so that was not me that you saw putting on mascara...

8:00: Arrive at morning meeting or the office, firing up whatever Excel sheet is pertinent that morning.

MARISA: Director of Marketing

My morning routine has switched up quite a bit since my little guy entered the world last spring…

5:30: my human alarm (aka my 13 month old son, Clay, through the monitor)

5:45: I finally get him up, change his diaper, give him some milk, and bring him back into bed for snuggles with mama & daddy (and maybe a few more minutes of snoozing!)

6:30: all 3 of us migrate into the bathroom to get ready (my husband showers - I’ve turned into a nighttime shower-er since becoming a mom!)

7:00: family breakfast time!

7:30-8:30: morning playtime (I also tend to check my email / news updates on my phone at some point during this time, too!)

8:30-8:45: my nanny arrives to put Clay down for his morning nap & I gather up my stuff to head out the door

8:45-9:00: morning commute

9:00: arrive at my desk and hit the ground running (insert 2nd cup of coffee here!)

KLAIRE: Executive Assistant to the CEO

7:00: Alarm goes off and I try to always wake up without hitting snooze (even though Monday mornings can be hard…can I get an amen)

7:05: Either my husband or I will take our yorkie, Lyla, outside and then let her cuddle on the bed for a little bit.

7:15: After Lyla gets a few minutes of cuddles in, I'll always make the bed right away. I do this first, before anything else, because it strangely clears my mind and makes me feel like I’ve started my morning productively.

7:20: I try to drink a glass of hot lemon water every morning while I’m getting ready, but if I’m feeling lazy or out of lemons (grocery shopping is hard), I’ll just have a regular ol' glass of water.

7:30: Put on some music in the bathroom, wash my face, and moisturize! Current morning tunes: Bahamas’ 2012 album “Barchords”

7:40: I have been really into top knots recently, so doing my hair has been super easy. After I bobby pin everything in place, I throw on some tinted moisturizer, Glossier Boy Brow, blush, and just a little bit of mascara.

7:50: Head to the closet and get dressed. I’ve downsized my closet a lot in the past year to only keep quality pieces that I really love, so the time it takes to get dressed in the morning has gone down a whole lot.

8:00: I’m not a breakfast person, so I’ll usually snack on some fruit or make a piece of toast with bread from my husband and I's favorite local bakery.

8:15: Turn off all the lights, lock the door, and head to my car.

8:35: I’m weird and love to get to work really early. There are a few others like me in the office, and we all agree we can get some much more done when it’s early and quiet. It eases me into the day when I get a half an hour to catch up on things before the day really starts at 9!

Images by Abigail Mary Green


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