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Lessons from Dad


Lessons from Dad

Here at ABLE, we talk a lot about inspiring women. But this Father’s Day, we want to celebrate the men in our lives too! So many of us have not only been shaped by strong ladies, but strong men as well.

We asked around at the ABLE office, and some of our staff shared what lessons, stories, and sayings their fathers taught them. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Jessica, Digital Marketing Director

I'm a pilot and my Dad gave me my first check-ride (he's an FAA examiner) for my private pilot's license. As a career pilot, he taught me a lot about flying, and of course he cares a lot about my safety so that check ride was the most difficult test of my life.

This is us after we'd just taken up his 1941 Waco Biplane (that he refurbished himself!) and I was honored that he trusted me to do a little skywriting and land the thing that day.


Amber, Public Relations Director

"Here are a few lessons my Dad taught me:

Never start a project you can’t finish, and if you do, make sure your dad is involved to help finish it for you.

Nicknames given to you by your dad don’t have to make sense (aka Amber Copernicus (a Renaissance-era mathematician – why?), Super Zoomer, and so forth).

Dads are great at a lot of things, but not at giving great haircuts.

I’ve learned a lot from my dad about dedication. From completing every project he starts, to doing 50 sit-ups every night before bed, to being the one who shows up for our family through thick and thin.

Take pride in ownership. There’s not a whiter pair of sneakers or a more manicured landscape than my Dad's."

Mallory, In-house Wholesale Coordinator

"Practice, Practice, Practice. My childhood memories consist on my Dad saying this work (in a set of three). He made practice and learning fun for my sisters and I. He taught us how to be life long learners!!"

Jen, Merchandise Planning Director

"My dad taught me that most problems can be fixed with a little creativity, hard work and elbow grease. He wanted me to feel empowered in all situations, and always had me help him fix things around the house, even as a very young girl.

I remember one afternoon so distinctly: when I was 15 and wanted my learner's permit, he quizzed me on all parts of the car engine and then watched as I changed a tire to a spare in our driveway (no help, he wouldn't be there on the side of the road!). I had to complete both before I was allowed to take the permit test, and he knew I could do it. His trust that I could do the same things as him gave me a sense of confidence I've carried with me throughout my life. I am extraordinarily grateful for such a good friend and father."

Sawyer, Flagship Associate + Graphic Designer

I've learned lots of things from my Dad, but one of the biggest lessons is that people are always worth knowing and loving. I've never know someone more comfortable making strangers into friends or someone who is willing to ask people the hard questions that make them think and grow. So many people look up to him as a father figure, and I'm so grateful that I get to be his daughter."

Allison, Flagship Manager + Visual Merchandiser

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

As funny and strange as it sounds, this phrase was one that I grew up hearing pretty frequently. My dad always gave me perspective by reminding me that things in life will take time and that it is good and healthy to take things one step at a time. When I have big tasks ahead of me, or daunting decisions to make, my Dad asks me, 'Allison, how do you eat an elephant?…' and suddenly things are put into perspective for me. Life is not meant to be rushed through, doing things excellently takes time, and my dad has always kindly reminded me of that through metaphors and funny phrases."

Katherine, Content Manager

What I love most about my Dad: he’s steady, he’s dependable, he shows me consistently how much he loves me. And as a bonus - he’s the best story teller on the face of this planet (Seriously - I dare you to find someone better!) I’m one of three kids but I'm his only daughter, so we have this special bond that's hard to explain.
Growing up, he made me feel like I could do anything and he was always there to support me on the sidelines of whatever sport I was doing. I’ll never forget these words that he told me: "You got a good head on your shoulders. Use your best judgement and be smart. You’ll do the right thing.” These words will forever stick with me - it instilled a sense of worth in myself and gave me the confidence to go with my gut. To this day, he is my #1 fan and I look up to him in every aspect of life!


We love our ABLE dads! Happy Father's Day!

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