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International Update from Jen, ABLE Director of Merchandising


International Update from Jen, ABLE Director of Merchandising

Hi all! Jen here, Director of Merchandising at ABLE. 


I’ve worked at ABLE for six years, and during that time I have built close relationships with our international partners. I also work with our teams to figure out what products you and I will love the most (I was an ABLE customer before I was an employee, after all!).


I hope you are well during this unprecedented time. Personally, I’ve been following stay-at-home protocol for 7 weeks now, and while there have been challenges, it has also been a time to slow down, spend time with my husband and son, and learn how to focus on the good around me more often. It has been humbling to watch communities around the world unite, including the ABLE team. 


A few days into quarantine, my husband looked over to find me with tears in my eyes, and asked me what was wrong. One tragic thing about a pandemic like this, in addition to the health risks it poses, are the economic ripple effects seen around the world. I explained to him how this scenario would play out for manufacturing workers:



  • We work with our manufacturing partners to make our products
  • We pay them when the products are shipped
  • We sell those products and use that cash to buy more product
  • Repeat

When the pandemic hit, the normal cycle was interrupted as sales dried up almost overnight, leaving most manufacturers with burdensome amounts of product that had not been paid for, including ours. We are now bringing in 100% of finished product and putting it immediately on sale. Why? Because with your help, we’ll soon be able to get the normal cycle going again and get everyone back to work.


This is where you come in. We are bringing in tons of exciting products– items new-to-sale and limited quantities from upcoming seasons– all on sale (think up to 50% off!). We think it’s the right thing to do, for our partners and for you. In reality, repercussions of this crisis will be felt for a long time, so we want to soften the blow in any way we can. This is our first step toward making things better. 


I am amazed by the support you have shown us during this crisis– you have really shown up over the last 7 weeks. You’ve proven that you believe in us, and trust me, the feeling is mutual. I hope you’ll join us this week, on May 13-14 for our Global Partner Sale.


As someone whose family has been supported by this ABLE community for the last six years, please hear me when I say: I’m grateful for each and every one of you. Let’s do this. 


All the best,


  • Sue Shroder on

    I love ABLE and it’s mission to help women globally. I have many of their great bags and shoes and quite a few favorite pieces of ABLE jewelry. I appreciate the idea of conscious consumerism that provides me with the ability to help economically challenged woman by buying items I love. Wish more retailers cared as much as ABLE about changing the lives of their employees while selling awesome apparel!

  • Dana on

    Fantastic products, fantastic mission. ABLE does so much good and I am proud to support you!

  • Kimberly Ring on

    Absolutely love ABLE and everything you guys stand for!!

  • Deborah Zitomer on

    A very thoughtful and responsible idea. And another reason why I will continue to buy from ABLE.

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