How to Use the Martha Pouch

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The new Martha Pouch comes in two sizes and we are so excited for all the ways you can incorporate this sleek, leather sleeve into your day to day. Get some inspiration below on different uses for each pouch!

Medium Size Pouch:

1. Clutch: this pouch is a great size to carry in your tote during the day. You can keep things like your chapstick, mints, wallet, keys, headphones, etc. in it and then at night, when you’re going out to dinner, you can just grab the pouch and GO! It’s nice to have all of those little necessities in one spot and it makes the transition from day to night flawless.

2. For travel: the pouch is also a great size to be used as a makeup bag, or to hold any smaller items that might get lost in a suitcase when packing for a weekend getaway.

Size Large Pouch: 

1. Oversized Clutch: when you need to fit your whole life in a clutch, but don’t want to carry a bag because you’re going for that casual chic look, this pouch is a game changer.

2. As an organizer: you can use it to store your computer charger, iPhone charger, journal, sketch pad, pencils, etc. all in one place! Especially handy when packing a suitcase or weekender.

3. Paper folio: The large Martha Pouch is also the perfect size to use at work and keep all of your loose papers organized and in one spot.


Flat Large Pouch from ABLE on Vimeo.



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