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How to Use the Chaltu Clutch and Mare Phone Wallet


How to Use the Chaltu Clutch and Mare Phone Wallet

Oftentimes, less is more! That is why we are so excited to introduce the Chaltu Clutch and the Mare Phone Wallet. Whether you are going to work, out for a night on the town, or running to and from, these two pieces are small and easy to grab for on the go. Both come in an array of colors and can undoubtedly be paired with any outfit! Here’s everything you need to know about the Chaltu Clutch and Mare Phone Wallet. 

The Chaltu Clutch

A classic statement piece, the gorgeous Chaltu Clutch can be the perfect last-minute addition to complete any outfit. The sleek yet simple design allows you to effortlessly dress up or down depending on the occasion. You can toss it in your tote during the day and take it out when you are on the move. It is great for minimizing unnecessary clutter while still being able to fit the essentials.

We are loving the exterior button that adds extra security so none of your goodies fall out! The interior has one large pocket and one small pocket; both are great for tucking away loose papers, cards, makeup, keys, and more! The Chaltu Clutch will make your day-to-night transition a breeze!


The Mare Phone Wallet

 This everyday must have is our most versatile wallet yet!! The Mare Phone Wallet is about to be your new essential. Doubling as a wristlet, this wallet is ideal for navigating your day to day.

The organized Mare Phone Wallet consists of an interior zipper pocket, card slots, and a pocket the perfect size to slip your phone inside. The wallet has a clip-on-off wristlet for easy functionality, ready to help you out even on your most clumsy days!


Why do you love your Chaltu Clutch?

 I love the unique silhouette and versatility of the Chaltu Clutch. It can add a sophisticated look to a casual date night outfit during the week. -Megan, Leather Designer

 This clutch is such a fun way to elevate my date night outfits. I especially love the bone color - it goes with everything. -Jordan, Fashion Director

 How do you use it?

On the weekend, it’s the perfect sized clutch to take for a night out with friends. The slim profile makes it easy to carry, and the interior pockets keep my ID, credit card, and lipstick organized. -Megan Leather Designer

It's such a classic item that is perfect for pairing with denim or a boho dress. -Jordan, Fashion Director


Why do you love your Mare Phone Wallet?

 I love that it still keeps my cards organized like a wallet, but that I can throw in my phone & lip gloss, too! -Marisa, Marketing Brand Director 

I love the Mare Phone Wallet because it's a wallet, but functions like a wristlet or purse. I bring it to work in my backpack and slip in on my wrist when I head around the corner to grab lunch or a coffee.-Jessica, Digital Marketing

 How do you use it?

 I keep it in my bigger bag, both for work and travel, and then just pull it out to head out to lunch or errands, etc. -Marisa, Marketing Brand Director

When I'm running errands with my toddler, I just clip my keys to the ring, and I have everything hands-free. I've wanted a wallet like this for so long, and now the perfect one exists! -Jessica, Digital Marketing

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