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How to help others during COVID19


How to help others during COVID19

In times of crisis, we’re always looking for ways to help. Whether it’s something small like calling a friend who is feeling down or donating to a cause that really hits home for us. If you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to where to lend a helping hand, here are five organizations doing good who could use your support.

Feeding America 

They are stepping up and doing what they do best: feeding the hungry. They’ve even started a COVID19 Response Fund, focused on needs related to the pandemic. They are working with school districts to provide meals for kids who rely on school lunches, building an inventory of emergency food boxes, and even distributing non-food items like diapers, cleaning supplies, and personal care products. A simple way to think about the impact of your donation with them is  $1 = 10 meals.

American Red Cross

They are facing an extreme shortage of blood due to a record number of cancellations caused by the virus. If you are healthy and able, consider donating blood so that they can continue supporting victims of disasters and humanitarian aid.

Write Letters to residents of your local nursing home.

Elderly people are at high risk when it comes to the coronavirus, and we want our older community to know they are loved and that we are thinking about them. Send letters to let them know they're not alone.

CDC Foundation

They are a non-profit organization that works in tandem with the United States CDC. They have set up an emergency response fund that supports both local and state health departments and funds personal virus protective equipment, globally.

Meals on Wheels

They are doing their absolute best to take care of America’s most vulnerable communities, specifically the elderly. Because the virus puts the elderly population in a high risk group, they need assistance and care now more than ever. They have set up a COVID19 response program to deliver meals where they’re needed most.

Write review for your favorite small businesses.

Missing your neighborhood coffeeshop? Google reviews go a long way. Think of all the places you're excited to go once this all blows over and let them know why you love them.

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International Rescue Committee

The IRC has set up COVID19 preparedness and response programs in over 40 countries, focusing on countries that have weak health systems unprepared to fight the disease. They work to protect the most vulnerable communities– particularly refugees and displaced families who will be hit hardest by the virus.


Where have you been able to help? Drop a comment below to let us know!

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