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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe: Jordan's 10x10 Challenge


I’ve been on a mission to fundamentally change the way I shop and be a much more ethical consumer. And it’s informed our approach to design at ABLE—our pieces are fashion-forward, but capsule friendly and timeless. In the process, last fall I decided to do the 10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge and I want to share my tips with you.

Let's start with the basics—what is a capsule wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is basically the building blocks of your wardrobe, the collection of essential items that don't go out of fashion and can be paired with other (often seasonal) pieces to create new, interesting looks without having to recreate your entire wardrobe.

Okay, so what is the 10x10 Challenge then?

The 10x10 challenge was started by our friends over at the popular blogs Unfancy and Style Bee. The challenge is to pick any 10 pieces from your current closet, style those items for 10 different looks, use 10 days to do it, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Accessories, bags, pajamas, and gym clothes do not count and can be used as desired.

Last year did the 10x10 challenge and had a blast getting creative with my wardrobe. And it was SO much easier than I thought. So I wanted to help you get started!


The first step is assessing your wardrobe needs so that you can choose items that will work for any situation.

  • What is the weather? Do I need to layer?
  • What events or activities do I have coming up?
  • What can work for both an office and a social environment?

For example, I did the challenge in the fall, so layers mattered. I chose a tee but also a cardigan to give me options. You'll also notice that I picked only denim bottoms because I can wear that to both work and social functions, so it was the most versatile option for me.


Select 10 items that are versatile and can be paired with multiple pieces. Choose a mix of tops, bottoms, and shoes to give yourself lots of options! My items are listed below, and you'll see that I chose 5 tops, 2 bottoms, and 3 pairs of shoes.

And don't be afraid to throw in fun items like a striped red shirt or red boots like I did! They're more versatile than you think and help things feel fresh.

Here's what I chose:

  1. Reformation Striped Blouse
  2. ABLE Vintage Denim
  3. ABLE Wide Leg Denim
  4. Adidas Sneakers
  5. ABLE Western Shirt
  6. Imogene + Willie Tee
  7. Zadig and Voltaire Sweater
  8. Nordstrom Cardigan
  9. ABLE Rojas Mules
  10. ABLE Perez Bootie


This is the fun part. Time to get creative! Here are my 10 outfits:


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