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How to: Care for Suede


How to: Care for Suede

With the launch of our terracotta suede, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. We know that suede care can be intimidating, but don't let that keep you from wearing our favorite fall fabric. Here's the step-by-step breakdown of how to care for suede.


You'll need a suede eraser (or pencil eraser), suede brush (or clean towel), suede cleaner, and suede protector.

Oh, and when we say "nap," we are talking about the fine hair-like fibers of suede.



A suede brush or clean towel should be rubbed against the suede until the nap has all been "fluffed" up. Bringing up the nap exposes more of the surface and loosens any dirt particles embedded in the nap.


Next, use a pencil eraser or suede eraser to rub out any visible stains. You can also use either suede cleaner or white vinegar with water to lightly dampen the towel and clean.

3- DRY 

Avoid wetting suede, but if it gets wet, insert crumpled paper or plastic into shoe or bag so that it maintains shape as it dries. Leave suede until it’s dry.


Once dry, use a waterproofing agent designed for suede to provide additional protection which can be purchased at most shoe and leather shops. This is a must– prevention is the key when cleaning suede.



Do not try to clean suede using water. Water can spot suede or alter its appearance.

Never apply heat during the suede care process.

If your suede gets wet (during cleaning or otherwise), insert crumpled paper as it dries so that it maintains its shape.

Stain removers should never be used when cleaning suede, but if stains remain after the eraser attempt, a slightly damp towel can be used to rub against the stain.

If you should get wax on your bag, put it in the freezer until you can break off the wax and then use the suede brush (or toothbrush) to gently lift up the nap.

Using a little windex for ink stains has been proven successful for many.

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  • Becky Olson on

    I need help as to how to clean off white lines on my suede boots. This is caused from salty snow.

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