Good Fortune for the New Year!


Looking for something simple but adorable to bring to your New Year's Eve party? We found the cutest, creative treat that you can make in just minutes to wish someone "extra great fortune" in 2017!

All you need is:
- Bright White Wilton Candy Melts
- Fun sprinkles, edible glitter, or whatever you want to decorate with that will stick to the chocolate!
- Fortune cookies (we picked up 5 for $1 at our local Chinese restaurant, but you can order them in bulk on Amazon too)
- Parchment paper (if you let the cookies dry on a plate, they'll stick and might break when you peel them off! So make sure to use the paper instead)


Then, all you have to do is melt the chocolate pieces in a bowl (microwave for 30 seconds at time and stir until you have all the lumps out). Dip your cookie into the chocolate, decorate with sprinkles or whatever you please, and let dry on the parchment paper until the chocolate has become solid again!

These little guys were such a hit in our office when we made them! They're met with plenty of ooo's and ahh's- cause who doesn't love a bedazzled fortune cookie!?

Have fun making them and enjoy your celebrations!

We are Wishing You Good Fortune (+ lots of cookies!) In The New Year! 

Recipe inspiration from:

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