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A Giving Tuesday Message from our Fashion Director


A Giving Tuesday Message from our Fashion Director

Hi all,

I’ve never been prouder to be a part of ABLE than I have been this year. Our team has overcome a lot to create the most beautiful products while furthering our mission of creating opportunities for women, and seeing them thrive.

The sense of community is strong at ABLE - not only amongst our team but also amongst YOU - our customers who so beautifully wear and showcase your ABLE goodies (thank you!). One way we’ve been able to highlight that value throughout the year is our Community Collection, made up of fun little giftables - like this delicious candle or this encouraging print. An added bonus: our Community Collection contributes 10% of sales to organizations pursuing justice and equity.

While we’re talking about gifts, I’ve got some other faves that I’ll be gifting (or let’s be honest - buying for myself!) like the Marisol Wristlet, which fits a million things yet still looks cool and sleek, and the Rupa Blouse which takes that jeans + sneakers look up a level. And when I need foolproof gifts, I know that our Letter Necklace and Stride Hoop Earrings will add just the right touch of sparkle that everyone loves. 

The best part? Your purchase of any of these gifts genuinely supports our mission to create jobs and to do so for women - both locally and globally. This holiday, give gifts that keep on giving. 




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