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Feeling down? Here are 5 good things happening during COVID19


Feeling down? Here are 5 good things happening during COVID19

You don’t have to hear it from us to know that currently, things are WEIRD. Lots of us have found ourselves feeling a little off lately– whether our anxiety has spiked, we’re not used to being inside so much, or we’re missing our weekly happy hour with our friends.

No matter what you’re going through lately, we can all agree that in the middle of a crisis, a little good news can go a long way. Here are five good things happening in the midst of all the COVID craziness.

1. Good Good Good is giving away print copies of their next Goodnewspaper for free, because everybody could use a little good news. 

They are all about using the power of good news to improve mental health. Their inspiration? Everyone’s favorite childhood hero, Mister Rogers. He said it best: “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people who are helping.”

2. Our local friends at Small World Yoga are hosting free daily live yoga classes through Zoom! 

    Take some time to set up a relaxing space (Maybe grab your favorite candle?) and tune in to connect with your body and the space around you. Feeling centered can help you process your thoughts and emotions during uncertain times.

    3. The meditation app Headspace is offering a free program designed to help people through this tricky time. 

    Looking for other ways to keep your mental health in check? They are providing meditation exercises to help you through your emotions, sleep, and movement. They even have specific practices for healthcare professionals, educators, and anyone else struggling to know their role in the workplace right now. Hello, something for everyone!

    4. Brit + Co is offering free classes now through the end of March! 

    Are you wanting to focus your time at home on learning something new? Whether you’ve been putting off getting your feet wet with investing, have always wanted to learn digital illustration, or have dreamed of being a cake decorator, you’re sure to find a new passion or hobby to take on.

    5. PBS is now allowing you to stream Broadway Musicals from the comfort of your own couch.

    Lots of us had to cancel trips recently, and we’re missing things like concerts, events, and shows. Now you don’t have to change out of your sweats to see classics like Sound of Music, the King and I, and Kinky Boots. Grab your popcorn and enjoy.

    What good things have you been seeing lately? Shoot us a message on instagram to spread the good news.

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