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Dream of a New Vision Board


Most vision boards require hours of clipping pictures out of magazines of bikini body goals and island vacations. And while there’s nothing wrong with visualizing grandiose dreams that could very well come true this year, there are ways to make a vision for the New Year without making ourselves feel guilty when our lives don’t end up exactly matching the picture perfect images we were striving for.

What if instead of making specific goals, we identified the FEELINGS we crave behind those words? Most of the time, when we say “I want to lose 10 pounds” or “I want to travel more” it’s because we think it will make us FEEL a certain way: “sexy”, “adventurous”, “energetic”, or “free”.

So here’s a new way to make your vision board:

1. Identify your core desired feelings

  • Think about what you crave most in your life and ask yourself: “how do I think I will feel if I achieve this goal?”
  • Then write down that feeling instead of your exact goal
  • Make a list of 3-5 core feelings for the new year

2. Under each of those feelings, identify various ways you can reach them


  • You don’t have to travel to Italy for a month to feel “adventurous”, there are a lot of other things you can do to feel that way too!
  • Make a list of very achievable goals: like taking more spontaneous weekend road trips or trying a new hobby like trapezing!

By creating a list of more achievable goals, you’re curating a life that fulfills your desires, rather than one that makes you feel like you’re laboring after a far off and unachievable dream. Besides, many times we can reach these huge goals and not even feel the way we thought we would!


For many of the women working at FASHIONABLE, their lives have changed drastically in just one year. One example is Angie, who was in the ER last January due to her struggle with addictions, and this year, she is fully recovered and joyfully working at FASHIONABLE addiction free, while also being there for her 2 grandbabies like she’s always wanted to be. That’s just one example of how much someone's life can change in 1 year, so don’t hold back!

We spoke with some of the other girls that work here and asked them to define their past year with 3 words, and then describe how they want this upcoming year to be defined, to give you an example of how to do the exercise on your own:


My 2016 was:
- Joyful
- Humbling
- Non-stop
I want 2017 to feel:
- Rooted
- Generous
- Motivating


My 2016 was:
- Refining
- Challenging
- Progressive
I want 2017 to feel:
- Celebratory
- Fruitful
- Flourishing


My 2016 Was:
- Suspenseful
- Maturing
- Surprising
I want 2017 to Feel:
- Grounded
- Plentiful
- Enlivened


Once you’ve nailed down your desired feelings for this year, you can make a reminder for yourself by personalizing a piece of jewelry with one of your words!

Our Delicate Word Ring is great for wearing one of your words as a reminder, or the Phrase Necklace and Horizon Necklace, which you can also personalize.

Happy New Year, and happy dreaming of your best feelings! 


NOTE: vision board message inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s book “The Desire Map” 

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