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Introducing: Attainable Apparel from ABLE


Introducing: Attainable Apparel from ABLE

2020 was a year of significant challenge, as well as change. With your support, we have survived that challenge and entered 2021 embracing the changes required in this new world – starting with a radical pivot allowing us to sell our apparel directly to you. This change has led to a new pricing structure that we believe will have a monumental impact on both your experience with ABLE, and the fulfillment of our mission. Introducing: Attainable Apparel from ABLE. Here is everything you need to know: 


1. What is Changing – Much of the apparel (including jeans) you know and love is now 30%-40% lower than previous price points. By lowering the cost of our pieces, we’re hoping to include more of our community through purchases that create opportunities for women around the world.

2. How This Change is Possible – We evaluated our business model in 2020, and discovered it was possible to continue working with our valued retail partners, while moving to sell our apparel exclusively online.

3. What is NOT Changing – Two key things about ABLE are remaining constant: Our mission and our quality. 

  • Our mission to pay living wages has not been compromised by this change in our business model; this change comes at no cost to our vendors.
  • Our high-quality product might be lowering in price point, but our commitment to premium materials and ethical sourcing is not. You can still feel proud of both the style and impact of your purchase.
4. What else to look for later this year – Attainable apparel pricing is just the beginning of our 2021 brand evolution. This year, we will also be rolling out the first phase of our size inclusivity plan. We’ll also be continuing to implement sustainable packaging efforts.



Through this exciting evolution, and as our mission stays constant, so will our dedication to progress over perfection. As we lean into continued inclusion here at ABLE, we welcome your thoughts and feedback (our DMs and support line are always open). We’d love to hear from you, and continue to engage in this dialogue as we evolve throughout 2021. 

Thank you for sticking with us through the pivots. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!



  • Dale on

    Able is the best! As my income returns (hopefully in 2021) I want to shop exclusively with you. I fully embrace tour mission.

  • Haley on

    Thank you for making your products more affordable for recent college grads like me! Can’t wait to support such an amazing company more frequently!

  • Gabrielle Johnson on

    Thank you thank you thank you for starting a size inclusivity plan! I love your clothes but have never been able to order anything because even the biggest sizes would not fit me. Can’t wait to be included!

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