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A letter from our founder on COVID19


A letter from our founder on COVID19

We are a community.  And gosh, has that word taken on fresh meaning.  


ABLE started by simply creating jobs for three women in our community who were vulnerable, who wanted a different choice than a life on the street. And the vulnerable amongst us takes on new meaning today as we think of those most impacted by the choices of our greater community.  We are most certainly in this together.  


In doing our part….


We want to be connected to our community more than ever.  We want to be a light during this challenging time.  We’ll be serving up ideas on connection and ways to stay hopeful (my family is very into the game Operation right now).  So stay tuned, and please share your ideas. We'd love to hear from you.


We have to keep the lights on, and want to provide value during these times.  We’ll be sharing opportunities to save, either on something for yourself or for a loved one who could use something to lift their spirits.  We all know people affected, whether it is someone in quarantine or someone who cancelled an important event in their life.


So go enjoy a $25 credit, through this weekend.  And feel free to pass it around, because we are going big on sharing the love right now. Use code: TOGETHER25 on orders over $50.

We are grateful for you, as always. Here’s to doing our best to stay healthy, flatten the curve, and protect the vulnerable.

 -Barrett, Founder and CEO of ABLE

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