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A Day in the Life of Our Rene Woven Midi Skirt


A Day in the Life of Our Rene Woven Midi Skirt

A Day in the Life: The Rene Woven Midi Skirt with Kara Elise 

Hey friends! I’m Kara, a celebrity chef, and wellness coach based in Los Angeles. I think that food has the power to bring us back home to our bodies and heal our lives. I just got married in September to the love of my life Caleb, and we work both separately and together in the wellness space! For me, health is always holistic. It can start with nutrition, but I believe that we are whole people, and every choice we make, whether it’s around our food, our clothes, our daily thoughts, etc.— these things all affect our well being. 

I work mostly from home, so when I get dressed in the morning, I want to feel both comfortable and stylish. I find that “getting dressed” shifts my mindset for the day — I feel more ready to tackle whatever the day holds. I fell in love with the Cheetah Rene Woven Midi Skirt because it’s the comfiest, but makes me feel classy and spunky at the same time. Plus, it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Because it’s so comfy, I can wear it all day, then dress it up for a meeting or an evening out. Check out how it makes sense for my typical day.

My Morning Routine

Every morning when I wake up, I like taking a minimum of 10 minutes to center myself. This could be journaling, reading a poem or something that drops me into my heart space, or even yoga. A morning practice for me is very important. I’m a 7 on the Enneagram, and often when I wake up, my mind starts running. When I stop and do a practice in the morning, it drops me back into my body and offers clarity that I don’t find otherwise. 


Food is super important to me, and I make sure to prioritize breakfast every day. When we take the time to move slow and nourish our physical bodies in the morning, we actually shift our mindset out of rushing into the present. That makes us better workers, better friends, and overall better humans.

(Recipe for the perfect breakfast taco!)

1 tortilla

2 eggs

½ tablespoon butter

A small handful of chopped cilantro

4-5 grape tomatoes, cut in half

Salsa or hot sauce, optional

Crack your eggs into a small bowl and whisk together with a pinch of salt and chopped cilantro. 

Heat your skillet over medium-high heat and add your butter. When the butter is sizzling, pour in your egg mixture. Gently stir the eggs towards the middle of the skillet until they’re cooked through. 

Heat your tortilla over a flame or on a skillet. Place on a plate and top with your scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and top with hot sauce or salsa!


Afternoon Work Sesh

My podcast is called: "To All The Foods I’ve Loved" and is all about relationships, food, and whole health! This has been such a fun project for me to bring on experts in the wellness space! I get cold all the time, so I always keep warm sweaters // sweatshirts around and I love how the Cheetah skirt pairs perfectly with most of my cozy sweaters.

"So many of us are working from home these days, and it’s important that our wardrobe still keeps us feeling professional, but is also something we can lounge in all day."


Caleb and I love plants and our house is filled with them. Because there are so many of them, watering them has become almost meditative because it takes me so long. Having plants around adds beauty to a home that I absolutely love. 


Generally, I need to leave each day for a meeting or even just to do a matcha run. I love throwing this skirt together with my ABLE jean jacket and tennis shoes! Not only is it adorable, but it’s the comfiest thing to run around in. Plus - I get compliments every time I sport this outfit to a meeting. 


"Dressing for me has always been a representation of my personality. This skirt is so versatile that I can feel spunky during the day but classy in a meeting."


After Hours At Home

Wine and cheese anyone? I teach workshops on styling the perfect cheeseboard, and my husband is the number one beneficiary of that. We love to open a good bottle of wine, make a cheese board, and sit in the back yard as the sun sets. It’s the perfect setting to end the evening and intentionally connect with one another. 


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