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5 ways to make working from home work for you


5 ways to make working from home work for you

Let’s face it, transitions are hard. Whether it’s something small like realizing your new favorite find at Trader Joe’s was only seasonal (we’ve all been there), or something much bigger like moving from your familiar desk at your 9-5 job to full-time working from home.

If you’ve recently found yourself trading in your commute for a five step shuffle to your in-home office, you’re not alone. When starting remote work, it’s easy to feel a bit lost and anxious about what your day-to-day will look like. We totally get it. That’s why we’ve put together our favorite tricks of the trade for making your new WFH setup as productive, healthy, and beneficial as possible. 

Step 1

Make your bed.

You know how people say that the most productive and successful people start their day by making their bed? Well, it’s even more important when you work from home. Why, might you ask? Whether you work from your room or not, it helps your mind separate your relaxation space from your work space. If you’re less tempted to work from your bed and have already made it off limits to yourself during the day, even though we know how amazing it is to bury yourself in your 20+ throw pillows, you’re much more able to stay focused in your designated work area. Plus, an added bonus benefit you’ll get is much better sleep if your mind is allowed to keep your bed as the sacred place for chilling, sleeping, and binging Love is Blind.

Step 2

Set boundaries.

Working from home can often feel a bit like a no man’s land where anything goes. When all your communication is virtual, it’s easy to let the notifications flow in without second thought. However, to keep your sanity, boundaries are more than necessary. Try to stick to your normal work hours as much as possible, and set your notifications on “do not disturb” outside of those hours. 

Would you normally spend 30 minutes scrolling through instagram at your office? Mmmm, probably not. Limit your phone time (and accessibility if need be!) to make sure you’re remaining productive. Do you have roommates or kids sharing a space with you? Go with periods of keeping your bedroom or office door closed or invest in some noise cancelling headphones so you can concentrate.


Step 3

Create your own structure.

Much like boundaries, structure can go out the window as soon as your home becomes your office. Keeping a semblance of routine will immensely help your transition to this new lifestyle and help your overall concentration as well.

If you are able to, continue to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. This will help your body and mind stay calm during this process.

Get out of those jammies! I know, I know, that’s the work from home DREAM. Maybe don’t wear those heels that kill your feet or those pants that hurt to sit in for more than an hour either (you know the pair), but get yourself ready and feeling confident. You’ll be surprised how much of an effect this has on your mood and productivity! Plus, you never know when that phone call will turn to a video chat. You know the motto– always be prepared. 

Another way to give yourself some structure is to schedule out your time. Even though your number of meetings may be fewer, a schedule can help keep you focused. Hop on your calendar tool of choice and block out time to work on certain projects, to take breaks, and to check in with your team members.

Step 4

Get a change of scenery.

One of the worst, and sometimes frequent, feelings faced by WFHers is the realization that it’s the end of the day and you haven’t moved from your desk chair in X amount of hours. Enter, angry FitBit. Set timers to take a walk around the block, change over your laundry, or even just pop over to the kitchen to refill your water. Moving your body and visually changing your setting is so important to boost your creativity and keep those energy levels up!


Step 5

Extend grace to yourself and your coworkers.

Take a deep breath. You’re doing the best you can. Working from home comes with its own unique set of challenges, some you probably anticipated, some you probably didn’t. That’s okay! You may be new to this, and it takes a while to get the hang of it. Make sure you’re being kind to yourself and to your coworkers as you are both figuring out what it takes to make this a happy and healthy situation. 

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