5 Times the Mini Bag Trend Comes in Handy

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You may have noticed that several of our bag styles have been converted into mini versions, which makes a chic statement while staying versatile. If you’re wondering what you would use a mini bag for, here are 5 instances they come in extremely handy.

1. When you’re going to a concert, sports event, or party and really only need the essentials with you. No one wants to worry about keeping tabs on a stuffed tote when in a crowd.  A mini bag can easily be thrown on crossbody which keeps you hands-free and less worried about protecting all of the items in a bigger bag. 

Shop the Mini Tigist Crossbody here which meets requirements for stadium size!

2. When you want to try a bold color. Our Mini Destaye Crossbody comes in bright colors that feel much safer to wear on a smaller bag and adds the perfect pop to your wardrobe. 

Shop the Mini Destaye Crossbody here in Jade Mist

3. When you want to run errands with unrestricted movement. Nothing is as liberating as leaving the house without a bag in your hands or heavy on your shoulder (especially if you’re a momma used to lugging around a diaper bag all day!) Mini bags are light and easy to carry so you can tackle your day without any added weight. Also, no more fiddling around in your bigger bag trying to find your keys or wallet.

4. When you want to mix up your wardrobe. You have so many shapes, colors, and textures to choose from with mini bags that you can interchange throughout the week for extra variety. It’s not as much commitment as buying a tote bag and allows you to have more fun with an accessory that is still highly functional!

Shop the Mini Tadesse Bucket Bag here 

5. When you want to invest in classics. The smaller the bag does not mean less quality. Our mini bags are made with the same great materials and structure as their bigger versions, but force you to be more minimalistic in what you carry. If you’re trying to be more selective about only carrying fundamentals, this is stylish way to begin learning that.

Shop the Mini Tirhas Saddlebag here

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