Meet Irene.

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We mentioned yesterday with the Irene Wallet launch that this is not only the first in our new men's line... but this is our first product created outside of Ethiopia: we've expanded to KENYA! We are so excited for what this means -- more opportunity to create + sustain business that is bringing hope + diginty to women, their families, and their communities. Our partner, Rift Valley Leather, has been producing hand-made high-quality leather goods with locally sourced leather for 5 years. They have a high value on treating their employees with dignity and respect, in a fair and ethical environment. And we love that they really focus on finding and developing the local talent, providing training opportunities to continue to improve their skills and allow their employees to advance and grow in the company. Irene | Like all fashionABLE products, this wallet is named after one of the heroic women we work with. Irene shares how this job has given her self-esteem, and how it has allowed her to contribute to her family's household expenses, as well as save for emergencies and for her education. She has already been promoted in her first year of employment!  Irene has big dreams of owning her own business one day!  We can't wait to watch that happen. Because of working at Rift Valley, because of an opportunity, Irene is ABLE to have confidence + dreams for her future. Thank you for your purchases, and for being a part of making opportunity happen for women like Irene. Irene | There are more beautiful ladies working at Rift Valley that we can't wait to introduce you to as we roll out new products, as well as additional Kenyan businesses and partners in the works that we will be launching with in 2015!! Rift Valley - Kenya |

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