Fall Faves: Matt.

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It’s officially our favorite season, and we love celebrating our favorite bloggers + online friends and the things they’re loving each Fall.  (( check out past Fall Faves posts here! )) They each pick out one of their favorite scarves from our Fall Collection, and then share some of their other Fall Favorites. Next up is Matt Armendariz.  When another one of our Fall Faves, Gaby, introduced us to one of her best friends, we knew he'd soon be a favorite of ours, too!  Matt is an incredible food photographer and has probably shot and/or art directed many of the food blogs and cookbooks you love!  And he shows us that guys can rock scarves, too, looking good in our classic Selam striped scarf!  Read on for more of Matt's favorites... Fall Faves: Matt | livefashionABLE.com  

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