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3 Reasons Why We’re Taking it Slow.


3 Reasons Why We’re Taking it Slow.

The trend these days seems to be more stuff, more quickly, and more often. We've adopted an accelerated pace of life that robs us of enjoying moments and savoring experiences.  Instead, we think that everything in life should be easily accessible, affordable, and disposable. In the midst of a culture craving quick, here at FASHIONABLE, we are working on slowing things down.


Slow Fashion is a term that was coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher, founder of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.  The movement has gained momentum in the last few years with organizations and businesses dedicated to creating sustainable commerce with an economically-friendly supply chain to assure quality over quantity.  

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While the fast fashion cycle is moving at an uncontrollable pace, here are three reasons we're taking it slow:

1. Sustainability. Our mission statement gives full explanation as to why we are so passionate about sustainability. We believe that the solutions to ending poverty lie in creating economic opportunity and that lasting change happens when we move beyond charity and focus on providing jobs that promote dignity.  We know that takes time (and patience!) but we are committed to creating sustainable business in Africa.

2. Supply Chain. FASHIONABLE creates jobs for the entire supply chain, not only for the women who weave our scarves or craft our leather goods.  Your purchase of fashionABLE products means you're investing in a developing economy, from sourcing to shipments. We also require all manufacturers and suppliers we work with to employ with fair wages and fair hiring practices.

3. Story. Every FASHIONABLE product is named after one of the heroic women we work with. That means every product has a story behind it.  The women who so carefully and lovingly weave and craft our items are now ABLE to do something because of your purchase... from feeling confident, to sending their kids to school, to having dreams for their future. We pride ourselves in the fact that every scarf and blanket is beautifully hand-woven, and each leather good has been artistically hand-crafted. The production process is detailed and thorough, creating quality, timeless products.

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Who makes your stuff matters. How it's made matters.  Your decision to intentionally purchase products that are thoughtfully designed and produced has the ability to change an entire industry.  We can be a part of the solution to create ethical, sustainable business, together, one SLOW step at a time.  Will you join us?

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