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Update from Barrett


Meselu + Eyob As opportunities to grow our product line come about, our core commitment to women will always be our primary focus.  Of course we provide opportunity to all, but our primary focus is working to provide opportunity to vulnerable women.  The original business we work with in Ethiopia is Ellilta Products, which works with women who have been rehabilitated from the streets.  They are bringing on three new women to weave in the coming month, and that growth is always so exciting… but the big picture is the reminder that these three women represent redeemed lives.  AWESOME.  Soon we’ll get to meet some more of the women, but today we wanted to update you on one of the first three women we worked with. Meselu’s son, Eyob When we started fashionABLE, I met the first three women that would be weaving, and one of them was a woman named Meselu. For a reminder of Meselu's story, click here.  I loved that her gentle spirit also came with a deep sense of confidence, and the strength of a mother.  After hearing her story, we talked through what her ABLE statement would be, and she agreed that it would be this – Because of you, I am ABLE to send my son Eyob to school.  So this update from Ian Bentley, on the ground in Ethiopia, was definitely a full circle moment for me.  Be sure to check out the report card at the bottom. Ian Bentley, from Ellilta, reported this:  “This morning Brittany and I walked into the office at Ellilta Products where we produce scarves and Meselu grabbed us and told us she had something to show us.  The smile on her face was huge and I honestly had no idea what to expect.  Meselu then handed me Eyob’s, her 8 year old son, report card.  I looked down at the bottom where it said “Rank” and it said “1/44″. Yep, 1st in his class!  Here is a mother, a single hard working mother, who just a few years ago had to work the streets to provide for Eyob.  Now she has a good job that has given her dignity and opportunity to work hard during the day and be home with her children at night.  She is not only thriving, but her son is at the top of his class and has huge potential.” Awesome.  That fills up my gas tank for a long time coming. -Barrett


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