3rd birthday: Day 3 of 3

Day 3, hello! This is the actual day we launched fashionABLE 3 years ago. Happy birthday! On day 1 of the sale, we launched our new video “Invest in a woman”. We want to communicate through this video that it is not only good to care for vulnerable women, but that it is also one of the most strategic ways to grow the future of Africa… at pushing back against extreme poverty. On day 2, we talked about what we have accomplished to this point, and where we are going. So, here we are at day 3. I told you we would tell the story of a new woman we work with. Let me introduce you to Helen, but first let me say this. We are grateful for the women that want to share their stories – I think that as each of us lead with vulnerability, we liberate others to do the same. The actual safest place for me is the feeling that I don’t have to hide anything, and the hope that I can still be loved despite my warts. The women that we work with are heroic. They have shed their past and are new, and they live out of that place. Any one I bring to meet them is always wildly encouraged by the freedom the women live in. Meet Helen. Africa000004_R1_063_30[4]

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