#blogABLE: a recap.

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It's so hard to summarize an experience like our #blogABLE trip into a neat, tidy blog post. It was an incredible, quick, packed, beautiful, exhausting, impacting week. We spent time with the courageous ladies going through rehabilitation at Women at Risk - we sang, we danced, we made guacamole. And we hugged necks and shared stories and drank coffee with the brave heroes at fashionABLE, who taught us how to work a loom and showed us that we don't have to be defined by our past. We left with the reminder that while we may live an ocean apart, in different time zones and different circumstances, we are more connected than we could have ever imagined.

Below are some posts from the team, as they honestly process and reflect on what we experienced in Ethiopia on their own blogs.

Thanks again for following along with us... -marisa 

Gaby @whatsgabycookin // Ethiopia

Jenna @eatliverun // Ethiopia: On The Ground // What Ethiopia Taught Me

Dana @possessionista // Photos From Ethiopia

Emily @emilymaynard // fashionABLE

Ellie @ellieholcomb // After Ethiopia

Shannan @flowerpatchfg // Ethiopia Days 1&2 // The Lighter Side // What Ethiopia Taught Me

Hayley  @thetinytwig // Don't You Love Africa? // Eyob

Erin @erinloechner // Dear Ethiopia // Thoughts on Ethiopia

Trina (virtual traveler) @lalalovelyblog // A Decorated Heart

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