FASHIONABLE is now called ABLE >> watch why!

Dyein' Ain't Easy.

behind-the-scenes Faces of FASHIONABLE

We shared a photo on instagram yesterday (are you following us?) to show the magnitude of thread  the fashionABLE ladies are working on right now to prepare the Fall Collection! There are over 20 women working hard to dye all of the thread, amidst crazy circumstances... The summer means it's the rainy season in Ethiopia, so it rains almost every day, often with thunder and lightning. And then the water is going on and off at the headquarters, so everybody's getting creative to find it other places! Even though it's not easy, the women are laughing and loving the time together. Their work ethic is admirable, and you see the gratitude in their smiles because they are ABLE to do a job that provides dignity.   fashionABLE thread dying 2 fashionABLE thread dying 1  

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